University Planning Council

The University Planning Council (UPC), an advisory committee to the Provost, is charged with recommending strategic directions for the university and with overseeing the planning process. The demands upon the planning and quality assurance of all aspects of university growth and development require a standing committee that fosters an open dialog among faculty and staff to frame and continually update university priorities.

The UPC shall have sixteen members with the following composition: Executive Vice President and Provost (Chair);  Executive Vice President, Finance and Administration (ex officio); Vice President for Research and Economic Development (ex officio); Faculty Senate Past President (ex officio); Staff Senate Past President (ex officio); Student Body President or their appointed representative; President of Graduate Student Association or their appointed representative; One academic dean*; and Eight tenured faculty members**. 

Membership 2019-20

Name Title/Department Term
Stacia Haynie Executive Vice President & Provost Chair UPC
Daniel Layzell Executive Vice President for Finance & Administration, CFO ex-officio
Samuel Bentley Vice President for Research & Economic Development ex-officio
Ken McMillin Past President of Faculty Senate UPC Chair-delegate
Tammy Millican Past President of Staff Senate ex-officio
William Jewel Student Body President ex-officio
Cassie Bonavita President of Graduate Student Association ex-officio
Todd Queen* Dean, Music & Dramatic Arts Term expires 2019
Kevin Armbrust** Coast & Environment Term expires 2021
Emily Elliot** Humanities & Social Sciences Term expires 2021
Bill Corbett** Law Term expires 2022
Tina Harris** Manship School of Mass Communications Term expires 2022
Judith Folse** Business Term expires 2020
Tom Sofranko** Art & Design Term expires 2020
Graca Vicente** Science Term expires 2021
Clint Willson** Engineering Term expires 2021



Observers include the Associate Vice President for Budget and Planning (ex officio); Senior Vice Provost (ex officio); Vice Provost for Academic Programs & Support Services (ex officio); Vice Provost for Diversity (ex officio); Vice President for Online and Distance Education (ex officio); and appropriate staff support. 

Name Title/Department
Tommy Smith Associate Vice President and Vice Provost for Budget and Planning
Jane Cassidy Senior Vice Provost
Matthew Lee Vice Provost for Academic Planning and Support Services
Dereck Rovaris Vice Provost for Diversity
Sasha Thackaberry Vice Provost for Digital and Continuing Education
Emily Hatfield Staff Support from Academic Affairs