As part of the university's OCR resolution, the university must audit existing online and digital content to identify non-compliance and develop a plan and process to correct errors.

Remediation is the process of fixing accessibility issues found in existing content.

LSU's entire online presence should be remediated by August 2019. 

OU Campus

The Division of Strategic Communications will be remediating all websites within OU Campus, the university-supported CMS. DSC will reach out to the unit prior to begin remediation.  Units will be under workflow during remediation. Workflow will be lifted once units demonstrate a working knowledge of WCAG 2.0 Level AA and WAI-ARIA 1.0 guidelines.

Websites Outside of OU Campus

Sites outside of OU Campus, including faculty and lab sites in WordPress and vendor solutions will be remediated by the managing unit.  

Online Files

Individual units are responsible for remediating online files, including but not limited to videos, audio files, pdfs, docs, and pptx, whether in OU Campus or not. This includes files in Moodle.

Instructional Material

Faculty are responsible for remediating online instructional material.