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Graduate Certificate in Econometrics

A graduate certificate in econometrics can be obtained by earning a minimum 3.0 GPA in the four econometrics courses listed below. No substitution of courses or transfer credit is permitted. The certificate program has prerequisites of multivariate calculus and linear algebra and is open to graduate students at LSU and to non-traditional students from business, industry, and government. 

  •   ECON 7630 Econometric Methods
  •   ECON 7631 Econometric Methods II
  •   ECON 7632 Microeconometrics
  •   ECON 7633 Dynamic Economic Models


To apply for the Certificate in Econometrics program if you are not currently enrolled at LSU, visit the LSU Graduate School, go to prospective students, select Apply Online, and choose the Certificate in Econometrics program. Applicants will be evaluated by the department graduate committee.

To apply for the Certificate in Econometrics if you are a currently enrolled graduate student at LSU and have completed the requirements described above, visit the LSU Graduate School, go to Current Students, click on Enrolled Student Forms, and then click on Graduate Certificate Application for Degree. Fill out the form and bring it to the graduate director of economics. In filling out the form, the current graduate director should be listed as the major professor for this degree. On the second page, under "Courses Completed at LSU," the following should be listed: ECON 7630 (3), ECON 7631 (3), ECON 7632 (3), ECON 7633 (3). The lines for "courses completed at other institutions" and "courses remaining to complete this program" should be left blank.

To view Gainful Employment Rule disclosure information for this certificate visit LSU Financial Aid & Scholarships.  

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