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1997 Working Papers

1997-01 - Carter Hill, "Shrinkage Estimation in Nonlinear Models" with Lee Adkins, Minbo Kim.
1997-02 - R. Carter Hill, "A Random Walk Down Main Street" with C.F. Sirmans, John R. Knight.
1997-03 - Dek Terrell, "Experience, Tenure, and Wage Growth of Young Black and White Men" with Bernt Bratsberg.
1997-04 - Dek Terrell, "World Interest Shocks, Capital, and the Current Account" with Walter H. Fisher.
1997-05 - Dek Terrell, "Immigrant's Returns to Education and Quality of Schooling" with Bernt Bratsberg.
1997-06 - Dek Terrell, "Evaluating the Performance of the Fourier Series, Asymptotically Ideal Model, and Neural Net: A Guide to Semi-nonparametric Forms" with Adrian Fleissig and Terry Kastens.

1997-07 - Dek Terrell, "Imposing Monotonicity and Concavity Restrictions on Stochastic Frontiers" with Imad Dashti.

1997-08 - Dek Terrell, "Measuring Productive Efficiency of Small Firms in Pakistan: A Nonparametric Approach" with Amid Burki.
1997-09 - Dek Terrell, "The Tradeoff Between the Crime Rate and Equal Justice" with Amy Farmer.
1997-10 - Dek Terrell, "An Empirical Examination of the Effect of World Interest Shocks on Indebted Nations" with Walt Fisher.

1997-11 - William J. Moore, Robert J. Newman, and Karen Gutermuth, "Determinates of Medicaid Drug Expenditure and the Effects of Cost Control Policies".

1997-12 - William J. Moore and Karen Gutermuth, "An Economic Analysis of Medicaid Retrospective Drug Utilization Review Programs".
1997-13 - William J. Moore and Etienne E. Pracht, "Trends in State Medicaid Pharmacy Payments".
1997-14 - Theodore Palivos, "Transitional Dynamics and Indeterminacy of Equilibria in an Endogenous Growth Model with Public Input" with Chong Yip and Junxi Zhang.
1997-15 - Theodore Palivos, "Economic Growth, Human Capital Accumulation, and Endogenous Fertility: A tale of Two Approaches to Development Traps".
1997-16 - Theodore Palivos, "Vertical Innovations, Product Cycles and Endogenous Growth in Search Equilibrium" with Derek Laing and Ping Wang.

1997-17 - Theodore Palivos, "On the Relationship between Public Education and Fertility in Different Stages of Development" with Carol Scotese.

1997-18 - John P. Bigelow, "The Economics of Relationships and the Limits of the Law" with Jim Bowers.
1997-19 - W. Douglas McMillin and Faik Koray, "Monetary Shocks, the Exchange Rate, and the Trade Balance".
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1997-21 - W. Douglas McMillin, "Historical Decomposition of Aggregate Demand and Supply Shocks in a Small Macro Model" with J. S. Fackler.

1997-22 - Geoffrey K. Turnbull, "The Polycentric City Under GARP".

1997-23 - Geoffrey K. Turnbull, "The Median Voter Across Levels of Government" with Peter M. Mitias.
1997-24 - Geoffrey K. Turnbull, "Income Illusion, Grant Illusion, and Local Government Spending" with Peter M. Mitias.
1997-25 - Geoffrey K. Turnbull, "Prices, Incentives, and Choice of Management Form" with C. F. Sirmans and G. Stacy Sirmans.
1997-26 - Geoffrey K. Turnbull, "Bureaucratic Behavior in the Public Sector: A Nonparametric Approach" with Chinkun Ch.
1997-27 - W. Douglas McMillin, "Lag Length Selection in Vector Autoregressive Models: Symmetric and Asymmetric Lags," with Omer Ozcicek, forthcoming Applied Economics" with Omer Ozcicek.
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1997-28 - Dek Terrell, "Biases in Assessments of Probabilities: New Evidence from Greyhound Racing".
1997-29 - Andrew N. Kleit, "Creating Entry to Fight Monopolization: The Case of BMI.".
1997-30 - Andrew N. Kleit, "Does It Matter That the Prosecutor is Also the Judge: The Administrative Complaint Process at the Federal Trade Commission" with Malcolm B. Coate.
1997-31 - Andrew N. Kleit and R. Carter Hill, "Environmental Protection, Bureaucratic Incentives, and Rent-Extraction: The Regulation of Water Pollution in Louisiana" with Meredith A. Pierce.
1997-32 - Andrew N. Kleit, "Cogeneration and Electric Power Industry Restructuring" with David Dismukes.
1997-33 - Andrew N. Kleit, "ASCAP vs. BMI: Competition Between Performance Rights Organizations".
1997-34 - Andrew N. Kleit, "Did Open Access Integrate Natural Gas Markets? An Arbitrage Cost Approach".
1997-35 - James J. Arias, "Shopping Time in an Exchange Economy with Friction".
1997-36 - Etienne E. Pracht and William J. Moore, "An Analysis of the Variation in Reimbursement Rates of Pharmaceutical Drugs Under Medicaid".
1997-37 - Jeanne S. Ringel, "It's Too Darn Hot! Using Temperature as an Instrument for Teen Fertility".
1997-38 - David J. Smyth, "Empirical Evidence on Hysteresis in the United States Labor Market".
1997-39 - David J. Smyth, "The Effect of Hysteresis on Fluctuations in Unemployment and Inflation".
1997-40 - David J. Smyth, "Estimating the Public's Social Preference Function between Inflation and Unemployment".
1997-41 - David J. Smyth, "Presidential Popularity: What Matters Most: Macroeconomics or Scandals".
1997-42 - David J. Smyth, "Barter in the U.S. Economy" with A. Marvasti.
1997-43 - David J. Smyth, "Inflation and Growth in the Japanese Economy".
1997-44 - David J. Smyth, "A Production Function for the Reputations of Economics Departments: Pages Published, Citations, and the Andy Rooney Effect.".