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1998 Working Papers

1998-01 - W. Douglas McMillin, "The Effects of Monetary Policy Shocks: Comparing Contemporaneous Versus Long-Run Identifying Restrictions".
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1998-02 - Dek Terrell, "Measuring Potential Gains from Deregulation of Electricity Generation: A Bayesian Approach" with Andy Kleit.

1998-03 - Dek Terrell, "Experience, Tenure, and the Perceptions of Employers" with Danielle Lewis.

1998-04 - Geoffrey K. Turnbull, "Housing Prices and Residential Land Use under Job Site Uncertainty".

1998-05 - Theodore Palivos, "Optimal Monetary Policy in an Economy with Heterogeneous Agents: Is There a Case For Inflation".

1998-06 - Geoffrey K. Turnbull, "On Uncertain Job Location, Urban Form, and the Journey to Work".

1998-07 - Geoffrey K. Turnbull, "The Property-Contract Boundary: An Economic Analysis of Leases" with C. F. Sirmans and Thomas J. Miceli.

1998-08 - Chris Papageorgiou, "Technology Adoption, Human Capital, and Growth Theory".
1998-09 - Geoffrey K. Turnbull, "The Dynamic Effects of Land Title Systems: Development Timing, Density, and Efficiency" with C. F. Sirmans and Thomas J. Miceli.
1998-10 - Geoffrey K. Turnbull, "Professional versus Elected Administrators in City and County Governments" with Rebecca J. Campbell.
1998-11 - Theodore Palivos, "Reconsidering the Losses from Horizontal Mergers: Stand United or Fall Divided" with Geoffrey Turnbull.
1998-12 - Theodore Palivos, "Optimal Fiscal Policy in a Dynamic Multi-Country World" with Marcelo Bianconi.
1998-13 - Theodore Palivos, "On the Welfare Implications of Customs Unions in the Presence of Finance Constraints" with Chong K. Yip.
1998-14 - Chris Papageorgiou, "Technology Transfers and Economic Development? Extending the R&D-Based Models".
1998-15 - Chris Papageorgiou, "On the Sources of Knowledge and Economic Growth".
1998-16 - Chris Papageorgiou, "Human Capital As A Facilitator of Innovation and Imitation in Economic Growth: Further Evidence From Cross-Country Regressions".
1998-17 - Carter Hill, "Using Cointegration as Prior Information in Vector Autoregressive Series" with Tim Krehbill and Lee Adkins.
1998-18 - Chris Papageorgiou, "A Cross-Country Empirical Investigation of the Aggregate Production Function Specification" with John Duffy.
1998-19 - Chris Papageorgiou, "Transitional Dynamics of an R&D-Based Model with Innovation, Imitation and Human Capital" with Fidel Perez-Sebastian.
1998-20 - Kaz Miyagiwa, "Quota-Induced Cycles" with Y. Ohno.
1998-21 - Kaz Miyagiwa, "VERs, Bertrand Competition and Pure Strategy Equilibria" with Y. Ohno.
1998-22 - Kaz Miyagiwa, "Research Joint Ventures and Stochastic Innovation" with Y. Ohno.
1998-23 - R. Carter Hill, "The Heterogeneity Paradox Between Strategic Management and Institutional Theories" with David Deephouse and Eric Walden.
1998-24 - R. Carter Hill, "Test Statistics and Critical Values in Selectivity Models" with Lee Adkins and Keith Bender.
1998-25 - Faik Koray, "The Behavior of the Real Exchange Rate under Fixed and Floating Exchange Rate Regimes" with Selahattin Dibooglu.
1998-26 - R. Carter Hill, "Loan Performance and Race" with Bob Martin.