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1999 Working Papers

1999-01 - Michael W. McCracken, "Aymptotics for Out of Sample Tests of Causality".
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1999-02 - William J. Moore and Etienne Pracht, "The Effects of OBRA 1990 on Medicaid Drug Expenditures: Implications for a Medicare Prescription Drug Program".

1999-03 - Dek Terrell, "Defining Regular Regions for Semi-nonparametric forms".

1999-04 - W. Douglas McMillin, "Evaluating Monetary Policy Options" with James S. Fackler.

 1999-05 - Etienne Pracht, William J. Moore, "Interest Groups and Medicaid Programs".

1999-06 - Etienne Pracht, "Alternative Reimbursement Methods and Hospital Expenditures".

1999-07 - Michael W. McCracken, "Robust Out of Sample Inference".

1999-08 - Michael W. McCracken, "Data Mining and Out of Sample Inference".

1999-09 - William J. Moore, Karen Gutermuth, and Etienne Pracht, "System Wide Effects of Medicaid Retrospective Drug Utilization Review Programs".

1999-10 - William J. Moore, Robert J. Newman, and Geoffrey Turnbull, "Reputational Capital and Academic Pay".

1999-11 - William J. Moore, Robert J. Newman, and Ettiene Pracht, "Cost-Sharing and the Poor: Drug Copayments in State Medicaid Programs".

1999-12 - Chris Papageorgiou, "On the Specification of Human Capital" with Fidel Perez-Sebastian.

1999-13 - Chris Papageorgiou, "Growth with Technical Change and Human Capital: Transition Dynamics Versus Steady State Predictions" with Fidel Perez-Sebastian.

1999-14 - Chris Papageorgiou and Geoffrey K. Turnbull, "Economic Development and Property Rights: The Statute of Limitations for Land Ownership".

1999-15 - Chris Papageorgiou, "On Scale Effects: Further Evidence".

1999-16 - Chris Papageorgiou, "On the Endogeneity Condition of Economic Growth Models".