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2000 Working Papers

2000-01 - Geoffrey K. Turnbull, "Squatting, Eviction, and Development: Private Decisions to Enforce Property Rights".

2000-03 - Chris Papageorgiou, "Convergence with Technical Change and Human Capital" with Fidel Perez-Sebastian.

2000-04 - Geoffrey K. Turnbull, "Optimal Title Search" with Matthew Baker, Thomas J. Miceli, C.F. Sirmans.

2000-05 - Geoffrey K. Turnbull, "Mayors, Managers, and City Spending" with Jeanne Ringel.

2000-06 - Geoffrey K. Turnbull, "Title Systems and Land Value" with Thomas J. Miceli, Henry Munneke, C.F. Sirmans.

2000-07 - Geoffrey K. Turnbull, "Housing Prices and Residential Land Use under Job Site Uncertainty".

2000-08 - Carter Hill, "Probit with Inequality Restrictions" with W.E. Griffiths, Chris O'Donnell.

2000-09 - Geoffrey K. Turnbull, "Land Development under the Threat of Taking".

2000-10 - Geoffrey K. Turnbull, "On Uncertain Job Location, Urban Form, and the Journey to Work".

2000-11 - Chris Papageorgiou, "Capital-Skill Complementarity? Evidence from a Panel of Countries" with John Duffy, Fidel Perez-Sebastian.

2000-12 - Geoffrey K. Turnbull, "The Property-Contract Boundary: An Economic Analysis of Leases" with C. F. Sirmans, Thomas J. Miceli.

2000-13 - Geoffrey K. Turnbull, "Land Ownership Risk and Urban Development" with Thomas J. Miceli, C.F. Sirmans.

2000-14 - Faik Koray, "The Behavior of the Real Exchange Rate Under Fixed and Floating Exchange Rate Regimes" with Selahattin Dibooglu.

2000-15 - Geoffrey K. Turnbull, "The Dynamic Effects of Land Title Systems: Development Timing, Density, and Efficiency" with C. F. Sirmans, Thomas J. Miceli.

2000-16 - Geoffrey K. Turnbull, "Professional versus Elected Administrators in City and County Governments" with Rebecca J. Campbell.

2000-17 - Marios Zachariadis, "Dispersion in Real Exchange Rates" with Mario Crucini, Chris Telmer.

2000-18 - Sudipta Sarangi, "No Return, No Refund: An Analysis of Deposit-Refund Systems" with Praveen Kulshreshtha.
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2000-19 - Sudipta Sarangi, "Games with Reference Payoffs".

2000-20 - Sudipta Sarangi, "Contrived Depreciation in the Presence of Resale Markets".
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2000-21 - Marios Zachariadis, "R&D-Induced Growh: Evidence from the U.S. Manufaturing Sector".