Overview | LSU Energy Program

About Us


The E. J. Ourso College of Business has set a standard for outstanding undergraduate and graduate education by developing students who are innovative and ready to contribute to the bottom line of corporations. The energy program will build upon the traditional core curriculum offered and provide classes that prepare our students for diverse and exciting careers in the energy industry.

This curriculum is designed to provide the broad skills and knowledge needed by the next generation of energy professionals. Not only will students take classes that are specific to the energy sector, they will also be provided a wide range of learning opportunities, including site visits, access to speakers in the industry, case competitions, energy conferences and expos, and industry-related internships.

What Courses are Offered in the Energy Program?

Flores MBA students can complete the specialization in energy, which allows them to choose from electives that include an overview course and classes in mineral rights, energy law, finance, and analytics.

Cross-college collaboration with the College of Science, School of Coast & Environment, and the Paul M. Hebert Law Center allows us to share a focus on the oil and gas industry.

Why Minor or Specialize in Energy?

  • Distinguish yourself from other students, not only here, but in the workplace​
  • Learn unique energy‐based skillsets through academic and practical coursework
  • Secure internships and employment opportunities in the world’s most vital industry
  • Earn higher salaries and better benefits by working in the energy industry
  • ​Benefit from the E. J. Ourso College of Business tradition of preparing leaders in the energy industry


To support the Energy Program within the E. J. Ourso College of Business strategic plan through developing a program that strengthens the energy industry by preparing students with the knowledge and skills needed to make them more competitive for employment.