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Gulf Coast Energy Report

This outlook includes the Gulf Coast-specific analyses for the upstream oil and gas production and downstream refining and petrochemicals sectors. Special attention will be paid to the growing global reach of the region's petroleum refiners as well as the growing potential for significant natural gas exports through the burgeoning liquefied natural gas (LNG) capacity that has been, and continues to be, developed throughout the region. The outlook includes an analysis of the energy sector's contribution to the broader Gulf Coast economy including how changes in each major energy sector will impact the region's employment outlooks. The outlook concludes with a forecast on the anticipated activity in each of the region's major energy sectors.

Date: 11/16/18

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Regional Impacts of Coastal Land Loss and Louisiana's Opportunity for Growth

This study includes a detailed evaluation of the economic linkages across coastal Louisiana to assess the economic risks facing different parts of the state created by land loss. In addition, we assess the economic benefits of pursuing the state's Coastal Master Plan.

Date: 3/22/17

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2017 NBA All Star Impact Study

This report summarizes the estimated economic impact of the NBA All-Star 2017 Weekend on the Louisiana economy. In particular, we focus on estimating the Louisiana sales and excise taxes attributable to the event based on intercept surveys conducted by the LSU Economics & Policy Research Group at the event, expenditure data provided by the NBA, media and sponsors, and vendor surveys.

Date: 2017


Connection to the Coast-Linking Commercial Fishing to Coastal Communities

This project included compiling historical data related to Louisiana commercial fishing activity with a focus on the location of land-based operations, areas fished and the link between the two. The data generated through this project provide historical context that can be used to investigate how commercial fishing activity has changed over time or study how this activity may adapt to future change. These summaries tend to show significant variation across species group and geography in the distances travelled by commercial fishing license holders and provide new insights on the distribution of activity across land and water as well as the connections between land and water.

Date: 1/26/16

Economic Evaluation of Coastal Land Loss in Louisiana

This two-year study conducted by the LSU Economics & Policy Research Group and the RAND Corporation quantified economic impacts of ongoing and future land loss in Louisiana, demonstrating a need and justification for Coastal Master Plan project expenditures that can save billions during future storm events. The report examines potential economic implications of Louisiana’s land loss through a spatial analysis that layered future land loss and storm surge scenarios from the 2012 Coastal Master Plan onto today’s economy. Our approach examined both fixed assets and flows of economic activity occurring within the coastal zone, as well as their cascading effects throughout the state and the nation. 

Date: 12/15/15

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Progress Report on Housing Disaster Recovery Programs 10 Years After Katrina and Rita

This report provides an initial review and evaluation of three Louisiana housing rebuilding programs (Homeowners Assistance, Small Rental Property, and Low Income Housing Tax Credit Piggyback) following Hurricanes Katrina and Rita in 2005. Our findings suggest that these three housing programs were targeted toward the areas in most need of assistance and that they were effective in helping to bring people back home to areas that had been devastated by Katrina and Rita.

Date: 8/25/15

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2013 LSU Impact Study

This study examines the impact of the LSU System on local economies throughout the state of Louisiana. These economic benefits include the impact of current LSU operations throughout the state, as well as the long-run benefits that a leading research university offers towards economic growth and the accumulation of human capital.

Date: 1/31/14

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Contracting Preferences for RESTORE Act-Funded Projects

This report outlines best practices in contracting that will maximize the local economic benefits of large-scale environmental restoration projects funded by the RESTORE Act. Commissioned by Oxfam America, the report provides recommendations developed in partnership with the International Economic Development Council to the Gulf Coast Ecosystem Restoration Council.

Date: 12/4/13

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2011 Tourism Satellite Account

Sponsored by the state's Department of Culture Recreation and Tourism, the Tourism Satellite Account is an annual report summarizing our estimates of the contribution of tourism to the Louisiana economy.

Date: 12/4/13

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Louisiana Green Jobs Study 

In 2011, the Louisiana Workforce Commission released a series of reports that collectively constituted the most comprehensive assessment of Louisiana's green economy. We were the lead research partner on the project, which was funded by the US Department of Labor's Employment and Training Administration. Research products included industry profiles, career pathways, a survey of Louisiana employers, and an assessment of the green economy's economic impact, as well as opportunity for growth. Because of the importance of large-scale investments expected in coastal restoration to the state, we placed special emphasis on this cluster of activities, which are featured in several reports. The final research products were published by the Louisiana Workforce Commission, but an overview of our work can be found in the summary report below, as well as a full archive of the 36 reports we contributed to the project.

Date: 11/30/11

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