The Peabody Giving Society

The Peabody Giving Society is a devoted group of alumni and friends of the College of Human Sciences & Education who support academic priorities and goals through an annual investment of $1,000 or more to the Dean's Excellence Fund. For a gift of $250, alumni who have graduated within the last ten years may also become members.  

These gifts provide Dean Mitchell with the working capital needed to address critical needs and capitalize on opportunities to enhance the student experience or fuel innovation. The flexible nature of these funds allows for decisive action and maximum impact. 

Donors to the Dean's Excellence Fund impact all areas of the college with a single gift. For example, the Peabody Giving Society investments fund many initiatives of the College, including student organizations and educational travel expenses, faculty recruitment and recognition activities, and development to build alumni and community relations.

Private funding allows the College to achieve the margin of excellence necessary to strengthen its impact on our students and contribute to altering the landscape, challenging minds, forging new futures and reimagining the status quo.

Peabody Giving Society members share a passion for LSU and play an integral role in supporting the College’s commitment to excellence in equipping every student to change lives.

Peabody Giving Society Benefits

  • Invitations to events hosted by the College, including the annual Peabody Giving Society Network Gathering and Hall of Distinction Ceremony
  • Quarterly communications from the Dean
  • Recognition on the CHSE website
  • Opportunities to meet and network with CHSE leadership and other members

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CHSE Advancement Team

Peabody Giving Society Members

(based on giving as of July 1, 2022)

Jeanne L. Burns

Cynthia DiCarlo

Merrill Faye & Bridger Eglin

Kimberly & Chad Gothreaux

Lisa Hanchey

Janet & Michael Hebert

Patricia Henry

Vickie & John King

Laura Lindsay

Glenda & David McCarty

Chaunda & Roland Mitchell

Melinda Solmon

Coleen & Arend Van Gemmert

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, your gift of $1,000 or $250 will recognize both you and your spouse as members of our Peabody Giving Society.

Yes, employee matches are a great way to maximize your giving and will count as part of your total annual contribution.

Any 12-month period.

Yes, we welcome organizations and corporations to join our Peabody Giving Society.