Diversity Statement | LSU Office of Diversity, Equity & Inclusion


Enhancing diversity at LSU is a core institutional value.

The Office of Diversity, Equity & Inclusion (ODEI) is a division of the Office of Academic Affairs committed to fostering inclusive educational opportunities and an equitable workforce environment at LSU. ODEI provides leadership to ensure that diversity is a vital component in all decision-making processes on all administrative, academic, budgetary, and strategic planning fronts. 

To that end, ODEI ensures that LSU as a whole is actively recruiting and supporting a diverse student body while simultaneously recruiting and supporting faculty and staff from diverse backgrounds.

ODEI is also responsible for supervising and guiding professional units whose purpose and mission is to promote understanding and respect for difference. These units include the Office of Multicultural Affairs, the Clarence L. Barney Jr. African American Cultural Center, and the Women’s Center. Similarly, ODEI works closely with University committees, commissions, task forces, and affinity groups whose charge is to support underrepresented LSU community members.


The core tenants of the ODEI Mission and University Diversity Statement provide a strong platform from which to launch a focused vision of diversity, equity, and inclusion for the next generation of growth and impact institutionally, regionally, nationally and globally. 

Our Vision is centered on five areas that will build upon and expand the current framework of ODEI:

Commitment to positively impacting the University’s Mission and The LSU Strategic Plan 2025
Providing enthusiastic leadership and support for Faculty recruitment, retention, training, program development, curriculum enhancements and research opportunities
Delivering holistic, success oriented, structured, pathways for student access, support, and success through degree completion and eventual membership into the alumni community
Improving campus climate and preparing University citizens to be culturally aware, engaged locally and connected globally
Developing collaborative partnerships and shared leadership internally and externally that will impact the advancement and financial support for the Office of Diversity, Equity & Inclusion and LSU

Diversity Statement

We believe diversity, equity, and inclusion enrich the educational experience of our students, faculty, and staff, and are necessary to prepare all people to thrive personally and professionally in a global society.  Therefore, LSU is firmly committed to an environment that affords respect to all members of our community. We will work to eliminate barriers that any members of our community experience.

To make LSU a place where that can happen, we must recognize and reflect on the inglorious aspects of our history. We now acknowledge the need to confront the ways racism, sexism, ableism, ageism, classism, LGBTQ+ phobia, intolerance based on religion or on national origin, and all forms of bias and exploitation have shaped our everyday lives.

We accept personal and professional responsibility to eliminate bias and oppression wherever they are found. We understand our obligation to speak up when we see bias whether it be in our  teaching, study,  or daily work. Our community will educate themselves proactively and continuously about how to intervene and bring bias to the attention of others with commitment and compassion.

We will hold ourselves accountable for our actions and inactions, and for maintaining intentional, measurable, and meaningful efforts to enhance diversity, equity, and inclusion, including through ongoing evaluation of our policies, practices, and procedures.

Roadmap to Diversity & Inclusion

The Office of Diversity, Equity & Inclusion’s 2020-22 Diversity & Inclusion Roadmap is divided into four subcategories that were the results of four separate subcommittees: campus climate, faculty, students, and staff. Each subcategories is comprised of a set of general recommendations.

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