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BMLI group

Black Male Leadership Initiative (BMLI)

A leadership and personal development cohort retention program that provides academic, leadership, professional, and cultural development opportunities for male students, targeting Black college male students.

Black Women's Empowerment Initiative

Black Women's Empowerment Initiative (BWEI)

This brand new initiative will meet regularly throughout the spring semester and will introduce participants to greater network  to other professionals, administration, and community who identify as black women. Students who take part in the BWEI Initiative will join a supportive social network that will promote dialogue on intersectionality, offer guidance on professional and personal development.

The Black Women’s Empowerment Initiative was established to promote, maintain, and advance the well-being of Black Women at LSU. Our purpose is to promote equity and community building by cultivating intentional spaces for Black Women to gather, developing workshops and programming around pertinent topics, and holding space together.   

We have emphasis on developing female leaders with a drive and ambition who want to continue to uplift women in today’s society. Each individual participating in the initiative should embrace the value of nurturing young women as they look toward brighter futures while focusing on the development of the social, emotional, educational and physical needs of young black women.

Genesis Mentoring

Genesis Mentoring

The Genesis Mentoring Program works with traditionally underrepresented students during their first semester to ensure a successful transition, both personally and academically, to college life.  The Office of Multicultural Affairs (OMA) fully understands the importance of students' holistic well-being, and we strive to provide the appropriate support and education.  While participating in Genesis Mentoring, students can expect a variety of programs, each aimed a different area of success:

  • One-on-one mentoring:  Students will meet weekly with their Genesis mentor to discuss a variety of topics including classes, college life, identities, etc.
  • Professional Development:  Mentors and mentees come together and participate in workshops that help students grow professionally
  • Personal Development:  Students will experience personal growth through their mentor/mentee relationship, by working with the OMA staff, and through workshops
  • Socials:  Mentors and Mentees will attend several planned socials, as well as engage in a variety of OMA sponsored events


Genesis Tutoring

Genesis Tutoring

The Genesis Tutoring program was designed in 1991, and works with traditionally underrepresented students, but is open to all LSU students. The mission of Genesis Tutoring is to provide pathways to successful completion of college courses. This program is constantly changing in an effort to provide the services that students need most. Starting on September 15, 2020, students may access Genesis Tutoring Virtual Drop-in Service via the Navigate App. In order to access the drop-in service, students will need to download the Navigator App, which is available on Apple App Store or Google App Store

LatinX Event

LatinX Affairs

All students who identify in some way with Hispanic/Latino/a/x are welcome and encouraged to meet other Latinx individuals on campus. Our goal is to encourage, guide, and enable the academic, professional, and social achievements for all students on campus. Through engaging in cultural events we will develop strong relationships that will empower us to greater success.

As the student demographics continue to shift, the Office of Multicultural Affairs will continue to meet the students’ needs in order to help students persist and graduate.
Each academic year, our office will focus and explore our Hispanic/Latin community to better serve our students and the Baton Rouge community. With this initiative in mind, our goal is to create and plan events accessible to every student in the LSU community.


Coming Out Day with the LGBTQ+ Project

LGBTQ+ Project 

The LGBTQ+ Project actively works to make Louisiana State University a safer space for all students, faculty, and staff regardless of sexual orientation, gender identity, and gender expression. The Project emphasizes providing educational opportunities, ongoing professional development, and programming for students, staff, faculty, and administration with attention to the unique challenges that lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer/questioning (LGBTQ+) individuals and their allies often encounter. The Project also works with students, staff, faculty, administration, student organizations, and university departments to represent LGBTQ+ concerns and provide advocacy and resources.


Pregnancy and Parenting Program

Pregnancy and Parenting Program

Louisiana State University is committed to supporting current and expecting parents in our LSU community. This program shares information and resources that may be helpful to you during this exciting time.

President's Scholars

President's Millenial Scholar's Program

An academic, personal, and professional development program for students of color and students from underrepresented populations. PMSP is aimed at creating an environment for students where academic and professional excellence is expected.

Safe Space Training Logo

Safe Space Campaign

The goal of the Safe Space Campaign is to identify and educate individuals who will affirm and support all people regardless of sexual orientation and gender identity/expression. People displaying the Safe Space symbol are committed to combating hatred and discrimination through assistance and support.

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Chat & Chew

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Diversity Study Abroad at LSU