Ph.D. Examinations

The Department, through the Graduate Studies Committee, administers Ph.D. Qualifying Examinations. Passing the qualifying exams in a minimum of three areas is required to qualify. The Examinations will be on Mathematics (through MATH 4038) and any two of the areas listed below:

  • Mechanical Systems (two exams):
    i) statics/strength/failure, and ii) dynamics/control/vibrations
  • Design (oral)
  • Fluid Mechanics/Thermal Science
  • Material Science/Materials Engineering

The areas for examination will be selected in conjunction with your major professor. If you change your major professor after you have successfully completed the qualifying examinations, you may be required to retake some or all of the examinations at the discretion of the new major professor.

General Examination

Upon completion of essentially all course work (not before the last semester of course work), your graduate advisory committee will administer the general examinations. The nature and extent of these examinations will be at the sole discretion of the advisory committee. In addition to possible oral examinations, presentation and successful defense of a plan of research is required.

Final Examination / Dissertation Defense

An open, announced, oral “defense” examination is required after completion of the dissertation (three weeks prior to defense). The result of this examination will be filed with the Graduate School by the major professor as soon as possible, provided all degree requirements have been met.