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OD200-02 Emergency Scene Operations: Case Study of the Prince George County Flashover

On Tuesday September 14th at 6pm (1800 hrs) LSU FETI Instructor Bob Callahan will present a three hour Zoom session on Emergency Scene Operations - Flashover.

This course will discuss the dangers associated with a Flashover by examining a real world case.

The class is open to Louisiana Firefighters. The online registration form is similar to the form you are used to filling out at the beginning of class, therefore you will need your fire departments’ ID number and last 4 of SS# to complete your student ID. Completion of the registration form is required to receive credit on your FETI student profile.

Students may attend separately or in a group, however every student must complete the online registration.

Students may attend individually or as a group. If attending as a group, each person must complete the online registration form. Registration will take place during the class.

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