Faculty and Staff Evaluations

The campus Performance Evaluation System represents a continuous process of planning, communication, evaluation, development and recognition and reward between the employee and the supervisor within the department. The annual evaluation provides an opportunity to formally review each employee as part of the Performance Management System.

The Performance Evaluation System is designed to ensure that performance is properly defined and evaluated for each employee and feedback is provided year-round. Managing performance is an important year-long collaborative process and is crucial to achieving LSU's Flagship Agenda.

Performance Evaluation System: Classified & Unclassified Employees

performance management cycle: planning session July 1-Sept 30, mid year review dec 1-march1, and annual evaluation july 1 - august 20

Planning documents are initiated by HRM following the completion of an employee's Annual Evaluation via Workday. The planning session is for manager to set major responsibilities, goals, development plan, and review the competencies for employees. If the planning document for an employee is not completed, most sections for the annual performance evaluation will be blank.  *Please note: planning session must be completed by the manager within 30 days of the effective date of the following cases: a new Classified and Unclassified/Other Academic employee is hired or an employee begins another position (lateral move/promotion/demotion/change job). 

Midyear reviews can be initiated by HRM on December 1 via Workday. Managers can request the Midyear Review by emailing the request hr@lsu.edu. Once the Midyear has been initiated, the Manager will receive a Workday inbox action item that will provide step-by-step instructions on how to complete the midyear review. The midyear review must be completed by March 1.

Annual performance evaluations will be initiated by HRM on July 1 via Workday. Managers will receive a Workday inbox action item that will provide step-by-step instructions on how to complete the annual review. The annual performance review must be completed by August 20.

Please note: the information provided in the Planning Session will cover through each steps (Midyear Review and Annual Performance Review). If the Midyear or Annual Performance Review is blank indicates that the Planning Session was not completed.

Training Series

A self-navigated training series has been developed and is available for all managers to access through Community Moodle. The training will cover the following topics: Overview of the Performance Evaluation System, Workday Routing, Providing Effective Comments on The Evaluation, and How to Move Forward After The Evaluation. Sections will continue to be added to the Moodle page. 

Mid-Year Review Training



PS-36-T: Tenure-Track and Tenured Faculty: Appointments, Reappointments, Promotion, Tenure, Annual Reviews and Enhancement of Job Performance

PS-36-NT: Initial Appointments, Reappointments, Annual Reviews and Promotions for Faculty Other Than Tenure-Track and Tenure

Faculty Evaluation Template