Employee Self Service Job Aids

Employee as Self General Job Aids

Job Aid Description
About Me  How to view and modify personal information, view IDs, and change legal name.
Change Preferred Name  
Modify Personal Information How to change Name, Address, Emergency Contacts, etc.
View and Modify Home and Emergency Contact Info  
Security Access Report A report is available via myLSU which provides visibility into the Workday security roles assigned to you as well as the employees that you manage.
Change Notifications in Workday By default, Workday is set to deliver alerts to your LSU email address. Based on your role, you may receive more emails than others. To modify these preferences, follow the steps.
Manage Delegation Delegation within Workday MUST be consistent with University Policy (FASOP-16).
Delegation from Delegatee This job aid will demonstrate delegation within Workday from the perspective of the delegatee.
Identify Your Place in the Org Workday displays the reporting structure of your department. This can help you understand your place within the organization.
Delegation FAQs Within Workday, employees have the opportunity to delegate the initiation of certain tasks as well as the ability for the delegate to take action on items that are routed to the delegator’s Workday inbox.
Workday Icon Glossary  
Mobile App This job aid will guide you through setting up the Workday App on your iPhone, iPad or Android devices. 
Disability within Workday This job aid will guide you through adding, changing, or deleting disability from your Workday account.

Employee as Self Benefits Job Aids

Job Aid Description
Change Benefits

If you are adding a Dependent(s) to your plan, a Dependent Event must be completed before initiating a Benefit Event. Please refer to the Manage Dependents job aid for assistance.

When can I add/remove insurance plans?

Manage Dependents When can I add/remove a Dependent to my insurance plans?
Manage Beneficiaries Add/Remove/Change Beneficiaries on Life Insurance plan(s).

Employee as Self Time & Absence Job Aids

Job Aid Description
Enter Time for Today or by Week For Classified Employees, Transients, WAE, and Student Workers.
Modify Submitted Time For Classified Employees, Transients, WAE, and Student Workers.
Request Time Off For Faculty (sick leave only), Professional , and Classified Employees.
Modify Submitted TIme Off Request For Faculty (sick leave only), Professional , and Classified Employees.
View Time Off Balance You may also view past or future balances, with these steps. Please note, Workday will re-calculate based on how you accrue time off.
Effort & Leave Certification Effort reflects an employee’s workload percent distribution during a particular reporting period and documents 100% of their activity. Employees are responsible for certifying
on a monthly basis that their salary distribution and leave is an accurate reflection of the time worked for the period.

Employee as Self Pay Job Aids

Job Aid Description
Manage Withholding Elections Change Federal and/or State Withholding Elections.
View/Print Payslip  

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