Summary of Employee Benefits

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Employee Benefits

LSU offers outstanding benefits to eligible employees and their dependents including health insurance, supplemental benefit plans to include vision, dental, life insurance, flexible spending accounts, retirement options, sick leave, paid holidays, and wellness programs, and more. Please visit the Benefits and Resources sections of the website for more information.

Tuition Exemption

LSU offers tuition exemption for classified, professional, other academic, and faculty employees that have been employed full-time for at least one year. Qualified employees are exempt from tuition for up to six college credit hours per fall and spring semester and three college credit hours per summer semester. More information can be found by visiting the Tuition Exemption section of our website.   


Various retirement plan options are available to the faculty and staff of LSU. Plan eligibility is determined by different factors including employee type, classified or unclassified and permanent or temporary status. Also, LSU offers two forms of supplemental retirement accounts, 403(b), provided by ING, TIAA-CREF, VALIC, or MetLife and 457(b) provided by Great West Financial Services, or also known as The State of Louisiana Deferred Compensation Plan. Detailed information on the various retirement plans can be found by visiting the Retirement section of our website.

Stop the Tenure Clock

LSU is a family-friendly university and may grant temporary departure from the tenure-track during a period of time when the faculty member’s personal obligations or situation can reasonably be anticipated to impede progress towards tenure, in addition to other circumstances. Please review “Stopping the Tenure Clock Procedures” for more information.


The LSU Relocation Incentive is a one-time payment to an employee to allow him/her to move from one location to another. The amount offered to the employee depends on the position and available funds of the hiring department. Any employee who receives a relocation incentive payment must sign a Relocation Agreement, which stipulates that part or all of the advance payment will be returned if the employee does not continue employment with the university for at least two years. In accordance with Internal Revenue Service, or IRS,  regulations, all payments are taxable compensation subject to withholding and other appropriate deductions and will be reported on the W-2 form as part of the employee’s total compensation.

*New employees may contact their hiring department for more information about the program and how to take advantage of the services offered.