Loretta Pecchioni in conversation

Loretta Pecchioni

Professor Emeritus

PhD: University of Oklahoma (Communication Theory)
Phone: 225-578-4172
E-mail: lpecch1@lsu.edu

Curriculum Vita

Area of Interest

The development and maintenance of interpersonal relationships across the lifespan, focusing on aging and health-related issues within the family.


CMST 7910 Communication and Aging 
CMST 7910 Health Communication 
CMST 7910 Instructional Communication 
CMST 7910 Interpersonal Communication 
CMST 7910 Lifespan Communication 
CMST 7910 Organizational Communication 
CMST 7901 Pedagogy in the Communication Classroom 
CMST 4114 Communication Theory 
CMST 4112 Health Communication 

Selected Publications

Pecchioni, L. L., & Keeley, M. P. (in press). Insights about health from family communication theories. In T. L. Thompson, R. Parrott, & J. Nussbaum (Eds.), Handbook of health communication, 2nd ed., London: Taylor and Francis.

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Bevan, J. L., & Pecchioni, L. L. (2008) Understanding the impact of family caregiver cancer literacy on patient health outcomes. Patient Education and Counseling, 356-364.

Hajek, C., Giles, H., Barker, V., Demirtas-Madran, H. A., Pecchioni, L., & Choi, C. (2008). Perceptions of Trust, Compliance, and Accommodation in Police-Civilian Encounters: A Russian, Turkish, and American Cross-National Analysis. Journal of Russian Communication, 1, 127-148.

Pecchioni, L. L., & Sparks, L. (2007). Health information sources of individuals with cancer and their family members. Health Communication, 21, 143-151.

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Hajek, C., Barker, V., Giles, H., Louw-Potgieter, J., Pecchioni, L., Makoni, S., & Myers, P. (2006). Communicative dynamics of police-civilian encounters: South African and American interethnic data. Journal of Intercultural Communication Research, 35, 161-182. 

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