Dr. Sanela Osmanovic MaggsSanela Osmanovic Maggs


PhD: Louisiana State University
Phone: 225-578-6681
E-mail: sosman3@lsu.edu 
Office: 136 Coates Hall


Area of Interest

Interpersonal communication in and around the computer-mediated environment; video games as a communication platform, in particular intergenerational gaming, and the role of video games in family communication and successful aging. 


CMST 2060: Public Speaking 

CMST 2010: Interpersonal Communication 

CMST 3112: Social Networks and Personal Relationships 

CMST 3210: Computer Mediated Communication 

CMST 4111: Intrapersonal Communication 

CMST 4113: Intercultural Communication

CMST 4118: Family and Martial Communication