HSSRC Program Information

HSSRC Program Information


The Humanities & Social Sciences Residential College (HSSRC), located in Residential College One - North Hall, is open to first-year students of all majors in the College of Humanities & Social Sciences. The HSSRC focuses on first-year student success at LSU.

In addition to having all the amenities and perks of a traditional freshman hall, students in the HSSRC also benefit from these unique opportunities provided in this living-learning community:

  • In-house Rector, graduate student, and Academic Advisor dedicated to helping HSSRC students navigate and successfully complete their first year at LSU
  • HSSRC students will be able to take several classes hosted within North Hall, with their peers, creating a smaller network within the larger LSU campus
  • Connect with faculty mentors to help guide students through their freshman year
  • Have priority scheduling for some courses and receive help with choosing the right classes for each HSSRC student
  • Network with faculty members and college administrators
  • Access to in-community tutoring and exclusive HSSRC class review sessions led by faculty members
  • Multiple group and individual study spaces on each floor
  • Learn about different career opportunities within each major offered and how to best prepare for the future job market

    Humanities & Social Sciences Residential College Staff

    Dr. Erin Halloran
    Faculty Rector
    (on leave for Fall 2022)
    Danielle Thomas
    Interim Faculty Rector
    (Fall 2022)
    Jalynn Stubbs
    Graduate Assistant
    111 North Hall
    Heather Bull
    Academic Counselor