ASP Charter


(12/5/84 Charter, amended 11/3/87, revised 2/8/89, 12/9/93, 5/19/05, 6/24/2013, and 4/23/2014)

NAME:  The name of this organization shall be the LSU Administrators of Sponsored Programs. 

PURPOSES:  The purposes of this organization shall be as follows: 

  1. To disseminate information regarding administrative policies and regulations that govern sponsored agreements in an academic setting.
  2. To advance individual standards of performance and professionalism in administration of sponsored programs at all levels of the University.
  3. To strengthen working relationships between and among administrative staff personnel at all levels of the University.
  4. To cooperatively identify and seek implementation of uniform systems for fiscal control and accountability.
  5. To provide an informal forum for discussion, clarification and exchange of viewpoints concerning the meaning and intent of federal, state and university administrative policies and their implementation by the University.

MEMBERSHIP: Membership shall be open to any individual employed by LSU whose job related duties require a knowledge of policies and regulations governing administration of grants, contracts and other sponsored agreements. An individual may become a member simply by attending a meeting, asking the secretary/treasurer to be placed on the membership mailing list, or request membership by subscribing to the ASP-LISTSERV via the LSU Office of Sponsored Programs website 


  1. There will be three officers who will also serve as the program committee.  These officers will be the chair, chair-elect, and secretary/treasurer. All terms of office shall be for one year.
  2. The chair-elect will automatically succeed to the chair after one year, or at such other time as the chair may be vacant.
  3. Nominees for chair-elect and secretary/treasurer shall be selected by a committee consisting of three volunteer members, at least one of whom is a past officer, plus the chair (ex-officio). Except for the chair, no other current officers will serve on the nominating committee. The chair shall call for committee volunteers at or before the February meeting. No member of the nominating committee can be nominated for office.
  4. The slate of nominees shall be presented to the membership at the April meeting, and other nominations may be made from the floor at that time. Elections will be held at the April meeting, and those individuals elected by a majority vote of all members in attendance will take office in time to organize and conduct the September meeting.
  5. Duties of the chair are to preside at meetings and approve programs and speakers for the meetings.
  6. Duties of the chair-elect are to act in the chair's absence and to arrange programs and speakers for meetings and send thank-you letters to program speakers. Input from the membership shall be sought for the identification of program topics and speakers.
  7. Duties of the secretary/treasurer are to schedule and inform the membership of the meetings, take minutes of meetings when business items are discussed, maintain permanent records of the organization, enroll new members, and handle money matters.
  8. Ad hoc committees may be called by the chair on an as-needed basis.

QUORUM:   The members in attendance at any given meeting shall constitute a quorum.

OPERATING RULES:   Any procedural matter which is not addressed by these Bylaws, shall be governed by Roberts' Rules of Order.

MEETINGS:  Meetings are usually held the third Thursday of the month, four times a year during the months of September through April.