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Park & Geaux

Park & Geaux Program


In 2019, Louisiana State University created a Mobility Implementation Plan as a part of the university long term LSU Strategic Plan 2025. The Mobility Implementation Plan is a core recommendation of the Comprehensive and Strategic Campus Master Plan.  This plan aims to improve travel to, from, and around campus for faculty, staff, students, and visitors in a safe and equitable manner. 

One of the initiatives outlined by this strategic plan was the creation of a Park & Geaux Mobility Hub to assist in the mobility and transportation of students, faculty, and staff from the exterior commuter lots to the core of campus in a safe, convenient, and sustainable manner.  This concept would also be complete with multiple mobility hub amenities including:  restrooms, wifi, air conditioning, access to micro-transit programs, and much more.     

Current Service

In its current format, the Park & Geaux program will operate Monday through Friday from 6:00 a.m. - 6:00 p.m.  This program will allow for parking in a remote location in the Tiger Park East Lot on Skip Bertman Dr. and will provide an express shuttle across campus with service originating from Skip Bertman Dr. and ending at the Union Center Mobility Hub with buses arriving and departing each location every 7-10 minutes.    

Park & Geaux Permit Cost

To utilize the Park & Geaux service, individuals will need to purchase a $50.00 annual permit or possess an active commuter, residential, A, B, or C permit.  If you have questions or concerns regarding permit costs or applications, please contact Parking & Transportation Services at 225-578-5004 or email 

Note: A Park & Geaux permit only provides the permit holder access to park in the Park & Geaux lot during zone parking hours: Monday - Friday from 7:00 am - 4:30 pm.  A Park &  Geaux permit holder cannot park in "X" or overflow lots during zone parking hours.    

To purchase a Park & Geaux permit, please click below:   

Purchase a Park & Geaux Permit

Route Location


Route From Tiger Park East to the Union:

The Park & Geaux route will originate from the Tiger Park East Lot and will travel along Skip Bertman Drive to South Stadium Drive, turning left onto Forestry Lane, take a right onto South Campus Drive,  and continue down South Campus Drive until arriving at its destination in the Union Lot. 

Route From the Union to Tiger Park East Lot:

The Park & Geaux route will leave the Union Lot and return back to the Tiger Park East Lot. This route will travel down South Campus Drive, turn left onto Forestry Lane, take a right onto South Stadium Drive, and continue down to Skip Bertman Drive until reaching its destination in the Tiger Park East Lot.