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Master's Degree in Business Administration

Master of Business Administration Online

Complete Coursework: as little as 18 months Credit Hours: 42 Tuition: $1,110 per credit hour*

The LSU Flores MBA Program strengthens students' core competencies, building character and increasing knowledge, skills and abilities across all business areas. Graduates are qualified for a variety of leadership positions in the corporate world including healthcare, internal audit, information technology, human resources, and finance. Graduates are part of a worldwide alumni network of more than 225,000 members. Best of all, the LSU Online MBA can be completed in as little as 18 months.

LSU's online MBA ranks:
  • #10 among all Southern schools
    Online MBA Report, 2015
  • #32 among online MBA programs in the U.S.
    Online MBA Report, 2015
  • #38 among all public schools
    U.S. News & World Report, 2017

The LSU Flores Online MBA program—ranked 38th among all public colleges and universities in the country and No. 47 overall by U.S. News & World Report—is designed for professionals with at least five years of work experience. Recognized by some of the world's most influential business thought leaders, this program helps students hone the leadership, management and critical analysis skills to set themselves apart in any industry.

The program consists of 14 courses. Each course is 7 weeks long.

*The LSU Board of Supervisors may modify tuition and/or fees at any time without advance notice.

Online Courses

Core Courses

In order to graduate with an MBA degree, students enrolled in the program must complete 33 hours of core MBA courses and 9 hours of approved MBA electives. Students will work with an MBA Program advisor to ensure that regular and satisfactory progress towards the degree is made each term. Students may not count more than two C grades towards their degree requirements, and they cannot graduate unless their final MBA Program GPA is 3.0 or higher. Additionally, any student who has a cumulative GPA of below a 3.0 at any point during the program will either be placed on Academic Probation or dropped by the Graduate School.

The core courses include: BADM 7020, BADM 7030, BADM 7050, BADM 7060, BADM 7070, BADM 7090, BADM 7100, BADM 7120, BADM 7140, BADM 7190, and BADM 7200. Examples of possible elective courses include BADM 7160, BADM 7270, and BADM 7900. There are four elective courses offered on rotation: BADM 7160: Negotiation, Persuasion, and Influence, BADM 7270: Business Analytics, BADM 7270: Supply Chain Management, and BADM 7900: Project Management.

Deferring or suspending enrollment for one or more classes could delay the expected graduation date. Students must work with an MBA program advisor to determine how to re-enroll when a deferment is taken, and how it will affect the expected date of graduation. Courses are offered on a specific cycle, so that most courses are only offered twice a year. Students are registered for their courses by the MBA office each module. Students are responsible for paying their fee bill by the deadline and completing their registration. Late adds are not processed for LSU Online students.

Online MBA courses are solely for students who have been admitted to LSU Online.

An introduction to statistical thinking and overview of statistical methods used to analyze and interpret data, draw inferences and make decisions; topics include descriptive statistics, probability, sampling and sampling distributions, estimation, confidence intervals, hypothesis testing, linear regression, forecasting and control charting; emphasis on how to use spreadsheets to analyze data and how to interpret the results.
Composition of financial statements; information processing and reporting for the purpose of understanding accounting information; legal and ethical obligations of the accounting profession.
Contemporary topics in information systems; a survey of information system analysis and design; introduction to business data communication, database management systems and knowledge based systems; enterprise-wide systems and information systems control.
Understanding and applying cost management practices used in business today; development of costing and budgeting systems used for cost management; applications of analysis used in management decision making and control; cost-profit-volume analysis; analysis of variances between budgeted and actual cost; methods of evaluating responsibility centers based upon profitability measures. Prerequisites: BADM 7030.
Broad understanding of factors influencing the behavior of individuals in organizations; topics include the individual and contextual determinants of behavior and the tools managers use to influence and direct employee behavior; emphasis on managerial applications of behavioral science theories.
Investment and financing decisions of the firm and the role of capital markets are studied with the objective of understanding how financial management creates wealth. Emphasis is placed on concepts of valuation, risk and opportunity cost. Prerequisites: BADM 7030.
Marketing decision-making and planning, including marketing research, product development and management, distribution, demand estimation, market structure analysis, pricing, promotion, advertising, and direct marketing.
Major problems and decision processes of operations management; operations strategy; process and capacity planning; facilities planning; aggregate planning; materials planning; quality planning. Prerequisites: BADM 7020, Admission to Flores MBA Program.
The structure of the legal environment of business; sources of law affecting business; constitutional issues in the legal environment of business; contracts and sales; torts; products liability; corporations; securities; bankruptcy; antitrust; discrimination; labor relations; environmental law; criminal law; its impact negotiation strategies; associated ethical and international issues.
Contemporary approaches to developing and sustaining a competitive advantage in global competition; topics include: competition for competence, strategy and technology, managing home and host government relations, cooperative strategy, strategic alliances, organizational innovation and managing global strategic change.
National and global issues that affect the firm; an introduction to theoretical concepts and policy issues associated mainly with macroeconomics and to a lesser degree with managerial economics.


Theories and management of international operations; development of environmental, operational, strategic and decision making perspectives. Participation in a Flores MBA International Trip is mandatory for credit in BADM 7170 Prereq.: prior approval of MBA Director. May be taken for a max. of 6 hrs. of credit when topics vary.
Topics of effectively managing projects including setting goals and objectives, project planning, evaluation and review; incentives and qualitative analysis and project accounting; extensive use of cases involving hands-on computer analyses with state-of-the-art project management software. Prereq.: BADM 7120 or equivalent
Experiential-based course designed to provide managers with the basic concepts and techniques necessary for effective negotiation and conflict resolution in a variety of business contexts.
Planning, implementing, and controlling the efficient, cost-effective flow and storage of raw material, in-process products, finished products and related information in a supply channel; resource/material management; supplier strategy; inventory planning and control; just-in-time systems; customer service; logistics and interfaces with other functional areas; emphasis on concepts, model development and analysis.
Data warehouses for business; topics include SQL, business intelligence, data modeling, data analysis, and dashboard design.
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