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LSU Research is published annually by the Office of Research & Economic Development, Louisiana State University, with editorial offices in 134 David F. Boyd Hall, LSU, Baton Rouge, LA 70803. Any written portion of this publication may be reprinted without permission as long as credit for LSU Research is given. Opinions expressed herein do not necessarily reflect those of LSU faculty or administration.

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Cover Image of Research Magazine 2017: Water, Water Everywhere 
Fall 2017

Cover Image of Fall 2016 Magazine: Gravitational Waves
Fall 2016

Cover Image of Fall 2015 Magazine: Light Bulb
Fall 2015

Cover Image of Fall 2014 Magazine: Acorn over hole for planting
Fall 2014

 Cover Image for Fall 2013 Magazine: High Resolution aerial photograph of Louisiana coast, with the words "Now You See It"
Fall 2013

 Cover Image of Fall 2012 Magazine: Bubbles with research related photographs inside them
Fall 2012

The magazine is also available through LSU Digital Commons, our institutional archive. 


Editorial Staff

Publisher and Executive Editor: 
Stephen David Beck

Alison Lee Satake

Holly Carruth

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