Vaccine Update/Vaccinations at LSU

Wednesday, March 10, 2021; 6:00 a.m.

Dear LSU Community,

The state has now expanded the current vaccination tier to include anyone 18 and over (or 16 and over for the Pfizer vaccine) who has a serious medical condition. While LSU is waiting to receive vaccines from the state, we encourage everyone who is now eligible to consider scheduling an appointment at one of the community vaccination sites listed at Visit for the latest information from the state, and o learn about mass vaccination events around the state.

Once you receive the COVID-19 vaccine, please complete the Vaccination Reporting Survey to let us know.

Vaccinations at LSU

Since the state is increasing the availability of the vaccine in Louisiana, we are hopeful that LSU will soon begin receiving some significant allotments of the vaccine. We have been working very hard to prepare and plan for mass distribution of the vaccine on campus. Below is our anticipated process at this time, based on what we know from the state. This is subject to change, and we will keep you informed as things progress.  

  • We will let you know via email when LSU receives the vaccines from the state, and which brand of the vaccine we have received. We have been told not to expect much notice, so we may only know a day or two in advance that they are coming. Please monitor your email closely.
  • We do not know how many doses of the vaccine we will receive. However, we will use the state’s priority tiers to determine the order in which to offer the vaccine, and the information you provided in the vaccine preregistration survey will help us do that.
  • If you have not yet preregistered to receive the vaccine at LSU, please take the COVID-19 Vaccine Preregistration survey.
  • Once we receive a sufficient supply of the vaccine, we plan to stand up a COVID-19 Vaccination Site on campus.
  • Once we notify you that the vaccines are here, you will be able to schedule an appointment at a time that works for you. Please monitor your email closely.
  • If you have concerns about taking the vaccine, please visit or to learn more.