LSU Social Media Directory

University Accounts

Strategic Communications manages the following channels for the university. 

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Agriculture Ag Twitter Ag Facebook Ag Instagram  
Art & Design CAD Twitter CAD Facebook CAD Instagram  
Business, E. J. Ourso Business Twitter Business Facebook Business Instagram Business LinkedIn
Coast & Environment Coast Twitter Coast Facebook     Coast YouTube
Engineering Engineering Twitter Engineering Facebook Engineering Instagram  
Graduate School Grad School Twitter Grad School Facebook    
Honors College, Roger Hadfield Ogden Honors Twitter Honors Facebook Honors Instagram  
Human Sciences & Education HSE Twitter HSE Facebook HSE Instagram  
Humanities & Social Sciences HSS Twitter HSS Facebook    
Law Center, Paul M. Hebert Law Twitter Law Facebook HSE Instagram   Law YouTube
Mass Communication, Manship School of Mass Comm Twitter Mass Comm Facebook Mass Comm Instagram Mass Comm LinkedIn  
Music & Dramatic Arts   CMDA Facebook    
Science Science Twitter Science Facebook Science Instagram  
Center for Advising & Counseling (UCAC)   UCAC Facebook UCAC Instagram  
Center for Freshman Year Center for Freshman Year Facebook UCFY Instagram
Veterinary Medicine Vet Med Twitter Vet Med Facebook Vet Med Instagram   Vet Med YouTube
Early Childhood Education Laboratory Preschool   Early childhood education lab Facebook         ECELP YouTube
LSU Alexandria LSUA Twitter LSUA Facebook LSUA Instagram LSUA LinkedIn      
LSU Eunice LSUE Twitter LSUE Facebook LSUE Instagram       LSUE YouTube
LSU Shreveport LSUS Twitter LSUS Facebook     flickr-chiclet    
LSU Health New Orleans LSU Health NO Twitter LSU Health NO Facebook          
LSU Health Shreveport LSU Health Shreveport Twitter LSU Health Shreveport Facebook         LSU Health Shreveport YouTube
LSU AgCenter AgCenter Twitter AgCenter Facebook       AgCenter Pinterest  
Pennington Biomedical Research Center PBRC Twitter PBRC Facebook Pennington Instagram Pennington LinkedIn   Pennington Pinterest Pennington YouTube
University Laboratory School Lab School Twitter lab school Facebook University lab school Instagram      
Academic Programs Abroad Study Abroad Twitter Study Abroad Facebook Study Abroad Instagram  
Campus Life Campus Life Twitter Campus Life Facebook Campus Life Instagram      
Center for Academic Success CAS Twitter CAS Facebook CAS Instagram   CAS YouTube  
CHSE Student Services     CHSE Student Services Instagram      
Food Pantry   Food Pantry Facebook        
McNairs Scholars Program McNair Twitter McNair Facebook McNair Instagram  
Olinde Career Center Career Center Twitter Career Center Facebook Career Center Instagram Career Center Pinterest   Career Center LinkedIn
Residential Life ResLife Twitter ResLife Facebook ResLife Instagram ResLife Pinterest ResLife YouTube  
View Residence Hall Social Media Directory            
Student Affairs SLE Twitter   SLE Instagram      
Student Government Student Government Twitter Student Government Facebook student government Instagram      
Student Health Center Health Center Twitter   Health Center Instagram Health Center Pinterest SHC YouTube  
Student Support Services SSS Twitter SSS Facebook SSS Instagram      
TEDxLSU, championed by LSU CxC TedXLSU Twitter TedxLSU Facebook TedXLSU Instagram      
Testing Center Testing Center Twitter          
University Recreation UREC Twitter UREC Facebook UREC Instagram UREC Pinterest UREC YouTube UREC LinkedIn
Upward Bound Upward Bound Twitter Upward Bound Facebook Upward Bound Instagram    
Alumni Association, LSU Alumni Association Twitter Alumni Association Facebook    
Anxiety and Addictive Behaviors Laboratory AABL Twitter AABL Facebook    
Campus Sustainability sustainability Twitter sustainabilty Facebook sustainability Instagram  
Center for Advanced Microstructures and Devices (CAMD)   CAMD Facebook    
Center for Analytics & Research in Transportation Safety (CARTS) CARTS Twitter CARTS Facebook CARTS Instagram  
Center for Community Engagement, Learning and Leadership (CCELL)   CCELL Facebook    
Center for Computation and Technology (CCT) LSU CCT LSUCCT Facebook    
Center for Energy Studies Energy Studies twitter Energy Studies Facebook   CES YouTube
Center for Internal Auditing   CIA Facebook CIA Instagram CIA LinkedIn
Office of Communications & University Relations LSU News Twitter   ViewLSU Instagram  
Dean of Students DOS Twitter          
Developmental Stuttering Lab   DSL Facebook    
Ethics Institute   Ethics Facebook    
Executive Education executive education Twitter executive education Facebook   Executive education LinkedIn
Faculty Technology Center Financial Aid Twitter      
Financial Aid and Scholarships Financial Aid Twitter Financial Aid Facebook    
Fire and Emergency Training Institute   FETI Facebook    
Foundation, LSU LSU Foundation Twitter Foundation Facebook   Foundation LinkedIn
Human Resource Management Human Resource Management Twitter Human Resource Management Facebook HRM Instagram  
Information Technology Services ITS Twitter ITS Facebook ITS Instagram    
International Cultural Center ICC Twitter ICC Facebook ICC Instagram  
International Programs International Programs Twitter International Programs Facebook International Programs Instagram  
Libraries Libraries Twitter Libraries Facebook Libraries Instagram  
Louisiana Sea Grant Sea Grant Twitter Sea Grant Facebook   Sea Grant YouTube
Museum of Art Museum of ArtTwitter Museum of Art Facebook Museum of Art Instagram Museum of Art Pinterest MOA YouTube  
Museum of Natural Science Museum Twitter Museum Facebook Museum Instagram  
Office of Emergency Preparedness OEP LSU OEP Facebook    
Office of Innovation and Technology Commercialization Office of Innovation and Technology Commercialization Twitter Office of Innovation and Technology Commercialization Facebook   Innovation and Technology Commercialization LinkedIn
Office of Strategic Initiatives OSI LSU OSI Facebook    
Parent and Family Programs parent and family programs LSU Family Facebook Family Instagram  
Parking and Transportation Services parking twitter parking Facebook Parking Instagram  
Professional Sales Institute       PSI LinkedIn
Research Communications Research Twitter      
Rural Life Museum, LSU   Rural Life Museum Facebook    
Speech, Language, Hearing Clinic   SLH Facebook  
Stephenson Entrepreneurship Institute SEI Twitter SEI Facebook entrepreneurship Instagram SEI LinkedIn
Swine Palace Swine Palace LSU Swine Palace Facebook Swine palace Instagram  
Textiles, Apparel Design and Merchandising   TAM Facebook TAM Instagram  
Trombone Studio   Trombone Studio Facebook    
University Laboratory Foundation   lab school Facebook Pennington Instagram      
University Registrar registrar twitter registrar Facebook registrar Instagram  

The LSU Athletic Department manages the following main feeds. For a complete list of all sports and coaches visit

Facebook Instagram Twitter YouTube

Academic Programs Abroad APA Twitter APA Facebook    
Accounting     Accounting  Instagram   Accounting LinkedIn
Animal Sciences   Animal Science Facebook      
Art   School of Art Facebook      
Athletic Training LSU Athletic Training Twitter LSU Athletic Training Facebook Athletic Training Instagram    
Bands LSU Bands Twitter LSU Bands Facebook    
Biological and Agricultural Engineering   BAE Facebook      
Biological Sciences, Department of Biological Sciences Twitter Biological Sciences Facebook Biological Science Instagram    
Chemical Engineering   CHE Facebook CHE Instagram    
Chemistry, Department of Chemistry Twitter Chemistry Facebook Chemistry Instagram    
Civil and Environmental Engineering   CEE Facebook      
Communication across the Curriculum (CxC) CxC Twitter CxC Facebook      
CxC Science Studio CxC Science Twitter   CxC Science Instagram CxC science Pinterest  
Communication Studies CMST Twitter CMST Facebook      
Computer Science CS Twitter CS Facebook CS Instagram CS Pinterest  
Construction Management CM Twitter CM Facebook construction management Instagram    
Continuing Education CE Twitter CE Facebook     CE LinkedIn
Continuing Legal Education (LSU CLE) CLE Twitter CLE Facebook continuing legal education Instagram   continuing legal education LinkedIn
Curriculum Theory Project Coast Twitter Coast Facebook    
Digital Art Digital Art Twitter Digital Art Facebook      
Digital Media Arts & Engineering (DMAE) DMAE Twitter DMAE Facebook      
Economics   Economics Facebook      
Finance Finance Twitter Finance Facebook Finance Instagram   Finance LinkedIn
Foreign Languages & Literatures Foreign Language Twitter    Foreign Language Instagram  
Geology Geology Twitter Geology Facebook      
Golden Band from Tigerland   Golden Band Facebook Golden Band Instagram    
History   Geology Facebook      
Interior Design     interior design Instagram    
Kinesiology Kinesiology Twitter Kinesiology Facebook Kinesiology Instagram   Kinesiology YouTube
Leadership & Human Resource Development SLHRD Twitter SLHRD Facebook SLHRD Instagram    
Library & Information Science SLIS Twitter SLIS Facebook      
Management   Management Facebook     Management LinkedIn
Marketing   Marketing Facebook marketing Instagram    
Flores MBA Program MBA Twitter MBA Facebook mba Instagram   Marketing LinkedIn
Mechanical and Industrial Engineering   MIE Facebook      
Music Music Twitter Music Facebook Music Instagram    
Osher Lifelong Learning Institute (OLLI)   OLLI Facebook      
Petroleum Engineering PETE Twitter PETE Facebook PETE Instagram    
Philosophy   Philosophy Facebook     physics YouTube
Physics & Astronomy PhysAstro Twitter PhysAstro Facebook Physics Instagram   PhysAstro LinkedIn
Plant, Environmental & Soil Sciences   Plant Environment Facebook      
Political Science PoliSci Twitter        
PreCollege Programs   Pre College Facebook      
Psychology psychology Twitter      
Public Administration   Public Administration     Public Administration LinkedIn
Religious Studies   Religious Studies Facebook      
Social Work Social Work Twitter Social Work Facebook      
Sports Management Sports Management Twitter        
Stephenson Department of Entrepreneurship and Information Systems   SDEIS Facebook     SDEIS LinkedIn
Theatre theatre Twitter theatre Facebook theatre Instagram   theatre YouTube
Women’s & Gender Studies WGS Twitter WGS Facebook    

Social Media Registration

We maintain a directory of all LSU social media channels. To be included in this list, colleges, departments, and units managing social media accounts must email at Strategic Communications with the following information:

  • Name of unit
  • Social Media channels – Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, SnapChat, etc.
  • Social Media URL for each channel
  • Email account tied to the channel – must be a university provided email account
  • Name of department contact responsible for account

In the event of additions or changes, each college, department, or unit is responsible for updating this information with the university's central social media team at Strategic Communications.