Apparel Production Lab

The apparel production lab in the Department of Textiles, Apparel Design, and Merchandising is furnished with all the equipment students need to produce quality apparel designs.  The lab houses eighteen Juki industrial sewing machines, four sergers, one industrial serger, and nine home sewing machines for students.  There are also three industrial leather sewing machines for constructing heavy-duty garments and more specifically for sewing alligator leather garments.  Over twenty dressforms are available for student use, including two new male dressforms.  Ample student storage is also available each term.

TAM 3037 focuses on flat pattern design.  Within this course students learn how to take their two-dimensional design ideas and turn them into three-dimensional garments.  The course also contains an introduction to pattern drafting so students can make garments to fit various models.  The students in this course also design and construct their own collection of four garments using historic fashions as a source of inspiration.  These four garments can then be exhibited in the spring Hemline show.


Sewing Machines
Wide view of production lab
Additional Sewing stations