Body Scanning Technology

The Body Scanning Lab located in the Department of Textiles, Apparel Design and Merchandising at LSU houses a state of the art 3-D, 4-D Size Stream body scanner with enhanced software.

The body scanner uses infrared depth sensors to scan the complete body and record 400 measurements in less than 6 seconds while producing a true-to-scale body avatar that is accurate to within +/- 3mm.  When used in the motion capture mode a 4-D true-to-scale avatar is created from 1.5 million data points which maps the body and permits researchers to examine incremental changes that occur in the body and apparel during movement.     

Body scanning technology is used in various industries for:

  • Anthropometric studies
  • Apparel sizing standards development
  • Body shape analysis
  • 3-D product development, including the apparel, automotive, and equipment industries
  • 3-D apparel printing
  • Apparel development and testing of protective uniforms for industrial workers, law enforcement, fire fighters, and military
  • Ergonomic studies
  • Kinesiology studies
  • Animations and graphics
  • Medical applications
  • Health and fitness management
  • Computer gaming 
Body scan Machine
Digital Body images
Scanning Machine in Use