The Dermatology Service is a full-time specialty service for the investigation and management of skin disease and allergy in all animal species. The Dermatology Service accepts referral patients from veterinarians throughout Louisiana and neighboring states. 

Evaluations of new dog and cat patients are made by appointment, Monday through Thursday. Evaluations of large animals, birds, pocket pets and exotic species are performed in cooperation with other receiving services in the VTH.

Our practice functions as part of the LSU VTH, meaning that each of our patients is evaluated by a team. The team is comprised of veterinary students, dermatology residents, dermatology technicians and faculty members. After an initial examination, our students and dermatologists provide each animal’s owner with a tentative diagnosis as well as a plan for further testing. Our goal is to assist pet owners and primary care veterinarians in understanding the root cause of the animal’s skin problem and to then formulate a satisfactory management plan.

Please note: To schedule an appointment, please call the front desk at 225-578-9600. Faculty cannot respond to emails regarding questions about veterinary patients or provide answers to unsolicited questions. Please contact your local veterinarian for information or call the VTH to arrange for an appointment.