Conservation Research

Conservation research is one of the primary focuses of the Wildlife Hospital of Louisiana (WHL). In order for wildlife species to successfully thrive in their natural habitat we need to preserve the environment and understand the diseases that affect them.


The WHL has carried out a number of research projects over the years, primarily focused on understanding wildlife diseases and learning how to better care for the animals presented to our facility. In addition we have a history of collaboration with the Department of Wildlife and Fisheries and the Louisiana Alligator Industry, which has allowed us to explore a number of issues affecting alligators, including the effects of West Nile virus in captive alligators. While the majority of this research is performed on captive populations of alligators, the information obtained is directly applicable to the wild populations.


The WHL also collaborates in research projects with other wildlife hospitals, rehabilitation centers, and universities. We believe that research is essential for improving our understanding of the world around us as well as maintaining the highest level of veterinary medicine that can be provided to wildlife species.