Small Exotic Mammals 

The following is a list of services and procedures offered by the Zoological Medicine Service for owners of small exotic mammals.


Please note that hospital policy prohibits treatment for primates, exotic felids (exotic cats) and canids (e.g., wolf hybrids, foxes).


A copy of the Wildlife and Fisheries permit must be submitted before any services are provided to wild animal species being maintained in captivity (e.g., squirrels, opossums).


General Medicine

  • Wellness examination/health examination (recommended once to twice per year)

  • Ferret vaccines

  • Pediatric examinations

  • Respiratory disease

  • Gastrointestinal disease

  • Dystocia

  • Laceration repair

  • Bandaging and wound management

  • Husbandry consultations



  • Ovariohysterectomy (spay)

  • Castration

  • Orthopedic procedures

  • Endoscopy

  • Amputations

  • Biopsy

  • Cystotomy

  • Exploratory surgery

  • Enucleation

  • Reconstructive surgery


Advanced Imaging

  • Digital radiography (x-rays)

  • Fluoroscopy

  • CT scan

  • Ultrasound


Specialized Equipment and Services

  • Radiosurgery unit

  • Microsurgery techniques

  • Rigid and flexible endoscopy

  • Nebulization

  • Temperature-controlled housing

  • Oxygen cage

  • Multi-parameter anesthesia monitoring     


Diagnostic Testing

  • Complete blood count (CBC)

  • Chemistry panel

  • Parasitology

  • Bacterial culture and sensitivity

  • Fungal culture

  • Cytology

  • Fluid analysis

  • Histopathology

  • Necropsy