Perkins Loan Exit Interview Procedures

You should have received an exit packet in the mail. Within the exit packet is an OFFICE copy of your repayment schedule and an INFORMATION sheet. These two documents must be completed, signed, and returned in the return envelope included in your packet for your exit interview to be considered complete. Please ensure that you agree with the amounts noted on your repayment schedule. If you do not, you should contact our office immediately at or at 225-578-3092.

Following this page, you will review a series of 19 slides. After reviewing each slide, you should click on the Next>> button at the bottom of each slide. When you reach the final slide, #19, you will need to click on the spot below the slide which reads: Click Here: I have understood the presentation and would like to proceed.

You should only click on this portion of the final slide if you have indeed reviewed and understood the entire presentation. Upon clicking, you will be brought to the Exit Interview Confirmation page. You will be required to input your First and Last Name as well as your Student ID # and email address. After input, you should click on the Submit Form button. This will cause an email confirmation to be sent to the Perkins Loan office. You will see a confirmation message on your screen letting you know that the Perkins Loan office has been informed of your completion of the online portion of the exit interview.

We will keep your confirmation receipt email and attach it to the Repayment Schedule and Information sheet that you return to our office in the mail. Once all 3 documents are accounted for, we will update your account to note that your exit interview is complete.

Good luck in all your endeavors!

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