Financial Aid Refunds

Once a student has taken all the steps to receive Financial Aid, disbursements will start on the federal loan disbursement dates. Once Financial Aid is disbursed, the student will be able to view the Financial Aid Refund on the Billing Statement. In the event there is a credit balance on the account, the credit will automatically be refunded the following business day.  

Please note: Financial Aid awards can be canceled or adjusted for students who drop or withdraw from classes. For any questions regarding changes to Financial Aid awards, please contact the Financial Aid and Scholarships office at

Tuition and Fee Refunds 

Students who drop before the first day of class will receive a 100% refund of tuition and fees, excluding the non-refundable registration fee or deposits that will be forfeited. Students who withdraw from a course after classes begin may be eligible to receive a refund of 90% or 50%. To determine the refund percentage, please refer to the Tuition Refund Schedule in the Registrar’s Schedule Booklet for the term in which the student is enrolled.

If a credit balance results from dropping courses or resigning, please submit a refund request to the Bursar's office via email at or 225-578-3357. 

Refund Disbursement

LSU offers direct deposit for tuition and Financial Aid refunds. To set up the Direct Deposit of Refunds option, log in to myLSU and select Financial Services then Direct Deposit of Refunds. Please note the student must have an active U.S. bank account, routing number, and account number. To add banking information, the following fields are required: 

1.    Routing Number 

2.    Account Number

3.    Account Type

Please note the following:   

  • This program does not include or affect any existing direct deposit information associated with payroll for employees or student workers. If the students expectation is to be reimbursed via direct deposit,  the student must set up the Direct Deposit of Refunds option. 
  • If the parent has taken out a Parent Plus Loan and indicates the refund is to go to the borrower, the refund will be disbursed as a check to the address on the application.
  • After the student is notified of disbursement on the student account and a credit balance is reflected , the refund will be processed and directly deposited within three to five business days. 

If the student does not sign up for the Direct Deposit of Refund option via myLSU, a refund check will be mailed to the students local mailing address. Please ensure the address is current by reviewing the information under Directory Information on myLSU. 






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