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Opportunities for Current Students

Internships & Jobs 

Types of Careers

  • Corporate Wellness programs: Worksite health/fitness promotion and management positions
  • Community & Hospital Fitness/Wellness Centers: Wellness directors, fitness coordinators, exercise leaders, personal trainers
  • Recreational Organizations: Assistant area supervisors, sports managers, program specialist, etc.
  • Teaching and Coaching Careers: Health and physical education teacher certification and preparation for coaching
  • Sport Industry: Careers in recreational, scholastic, and professional sport organizations 
  • Medical Clinics (with more training and/or certification): Exercise testing technicians in hospitals and clinics; fitness leaders in industrial pre-employment and rehabilitation settings
  • Graduate and Professional Study: Entry into professional schools in the medical field and graduate studies in Kinesiology

Internship Opportunities in Undergraduate Programs

Internships in the School of Kinesiology give students hands-on experience in applied settings that help students prepare for employment and for further graduate study. Internships are required to complete the BS in Kinesiology in the Fitness Studies, K-12, and Health & PE Certification concentrations, as well as in the BS in Sport Administration. Students can elect to participate in internships in the Human Movement Science concentration in the BS in Kinesiology.

During the last semester of study, students gain valuable on-the-job experience at an approved health/fitness promotion facility consistent with their career/professional interests. Students work a minimum of 300 hours at the facility, document their experiences, create a professional portfolio, and receive six (6) credit hours (pass/fail) toward the degree. This is an excellent opportunity to enhance leadership skills, further develop career goals, and begin making professional contacts.

Students with senior standing and appropriate prerequisites can elect to take up to six (6) hours credit in this practicum. Experiences include observation and practice of skills, techniques, and protocols of patient care in clinics, hospitals, skilled nursing facilities, developmental disability centers, and private practices.

Students in their final semester complete a semester-long teaching internship, including experiences at both elementary and secondary levels.

Students with senior standing and appropriate prerequisites gain valuable on-the-job experience at an approved work site in the field of sport administration. They work a minimum of 300 hours at the facility, document their experiences, create a professional portfolio, and receive six (6) credit hours (pass/fail) toward the degree. This is an excellent opportunity to enhance leadership skills, further develop career goals, and being making professional contacts.


Clubs & Organizations

The Association for Pre Physical Therapy Students is committed to helping LSU students to broaden their knowledge of the field of Physical Therapy. Additionally, the club helps those students navigate the application process by offering mock interviews, guest speakers, and service-learning opportunities.


Kennedy Martin, President

Callie Henry, Vice President

Meredith Darnell, Corresponding Secretary

Chloe Hijazi, Recording Secretary

Adele Dupont, Treasurer

Elizabeth Bourg, Volunteer Chair

Meghan Jackson, Faculty Advisor

The Sport Administration Association is focused on providing experiences, advice, and resources to both current and prospective students in order to promote and enrich the Sport Administration program on campus and in the community.


Megan Froelich, President

Sarah Hubbell, Executive Vice President

Silas Smith, Vice President of Finance

Jada Ballard, Vice President of Public Relations

Jada Ward and Michael Adams, Secretary

Dee Jacobsen, Faculty Advisor

The Pre-Occupational Therapy Club at LSU strives to promote unity, support, and friendship among the Occupational Therapy student body and faculty. We promise to create opportunities for students to learn more about and foster their passion for Occupational Therapy. LSU's Pre-OT Club is a place where students can increase their awareness of graduate programs and career opportunities through club involvement and service. Visit our website.


Madelyn Fuselier, President

Adele Jacobsen, Vice-President

Ashley Stall, Secretary

Madison Chaix, Treasurer

Madeline Perk, Membership Chair

Cameryn (Quinn) Nugent, Social Media/PR Chair

Arend Van Gemmert, Faculty Advisor

The Kinesiology Club acquaints students with research and educational developments, promotes professionalism in the Kinesiology field, and provides a resource bank specific to our field, including information about potential employment, as well as professional organization membership and certification. Our club promotes social and academic interaction among graduate and undergraduate Kinesiology students and promotes a physically active lifestyle throughout campus and the surrounding community. 

Trinity Saltaformaggio, President

Meghan Jackson, Faculty Advisor

The purpose of Elevate is to inspire young women at LSU to find a lifestyle that enables them to be the happiest and healthiest versions of themselves. This begins by encouraging girls to love themselves for who they are, and then to find a fitness and wellness style that works for them. This includes introducing girls to alternative ways to stay fit through unique, fun, and exciting workouts. The second goal of our organization is to introduce girls to like-minded students looking to try new ways to get fit and stay active. We also strive to connect members to information about how to best ensure their personal wellness (physical and mentally), and to connect girls to volunteer opportunities within the community, and to causes that matter. First and foremost, the betterment and empowerment of our members in every aspect of their lives is our focus and priority. 

Contact Elevate at LSU. 

Meghan Jackson, Faculty Advisor

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