Program Assessment for MSCM 2019-2020

CM Student Learning Outcomes


The mission of the Master of Science in Construction Management program is to provide a quality course of study for individuals needing a career change, for the construction professionals that seek to preparation for administrative construction positions or for those interested in pursuing research related activities.

Targets are being met for Objectives 1, 2, and 3 has yet to be achieved and was flagged with a caution. The number of certified courses remains below targets due to the online delivery of BSCM courses and lack of funding. The 2019-2020 Stakeholder Survey was reviewed by the Construction Industry Advisory Board (CIAC). They had several recommendations that the MSCM program has already addressed. Four items need attention.

The Action Item for developing new assessment tools for program Student Learning Outcomes were completed in the last cycle and was implemented for this cycle. The new set of assessments show all ten SLOs met or exceeded Targets; however, SLO 4 Apply Decision Making Techniques was flagged with caution as the assessment tool needed to be more specific to SLO.

  • Track the number of graduate students earning an MSCM degree while working on their doctorate. - In Progress, 7/1/20 - 5/31/22
  • Certify two graduate courses through quality matters.- Not Started, 8/15/20 - 8/16/21
  • Develop an additional assessment tool for SLO 4. - Not Started, 1/13/20 - 8/16/21
  • Develop new assessment tools for the program that aligns with the new ACCE SLOs. - Completed 10/13/18
  • Increase Instructor Interaction with Students. - Not Started, 8/31/20 - 5/22/23
  • Update Online Graduate Course Material. -Not Started, 5/15/20 - 8/15/22
  • Develop an Accountability System for Group Projects. -Not Started, 5/15/20 - 8/16/22
  • Explore the Development of Curriculum for Certifications. -Not Started, 5/15/20 - 8/16/21

Starting in August of 2020, the MSCM program needs to begin certifying graduate courses through Quality Matters.

The assessment tool provides insight into the student's success in learning; however, it should be modified to be more specific to decision-making techniques. This is why this SLO was flagged with caution. The instructor also sees that the assessment tool needs to change.

Using the CIAC recommendations to improve learning, four of them needed to be addressed during the next assessment cycle:

  • All courses need to have more interaction with the students.
  • Instructors need to update their online course material.
  • Group projects need to have student accountability.
  • Explore integrating LEED AP and DBIA certifications into the curriculum.