Scholarship Appeal


If extenuating circumstances prevented a student from meeting the retention requirements for a scholarship, a Scholarship Appeal may be filed. The appeal must be submitted with accompanying documentation by the deadline date given. All supporting documents will be retained in the student’s file.

The following are examples of circumstances under which a student would be permitted to submit an appeal: death of a relative, injury or illness of the student, or other special circumstances. A student’s appeal must explain the circumstances that prevented him/her from meeting the scholarship retention requirements and the reasons for the basis of this appeal. The student must address the following:

  • what the problem was;
  • when did the problem occur;
  • how long did the problem last;
  • how did this affect his/her ability to complete coursework; and
  • the steps taken to ensure that the minimum standards will be met at the next evaluation.

In order to be eligible for reinstatement of a scholarship for a semester or term in which the scholarship has been suspended, an appeal must be approved prior to or during that semester or term. It is the responsibility of the student to pay all outstanding balances on his/her account while waiting for an appeal decision. Regardless of the appeal decision, students are responsible for any late fees incurred.

If you feel you have circumstances that would designate a scholarship appeal, please fill out this form, attach all necessary documentation and return to