Friends of French Officers and Directors


Sandra Hubbard
Retired teacher and French Enthusiast

1st Vice-President

Dirk Benedict
Marking Coordinator, Office of Intellectual Property, LSU AgCenter; French Enthusiast 

2nd Vice-President

Danielle Honeycutt
Master's in French Language & Society, currently pursuing a Ph.D. in Cultural & Historical Textiles & Apparel, FLAIM parent


Corrada Curry
Instructor of French & Italian at LSU


Todd Jacob
Assistant to the Chair, Department of French Studies 

Immediate Past President

Susan D. Rolfs
French Enthuisiast 

Ex-officio Directors

Nathalie Beras
Consule Général de France in New Orleans

Jeffrey Leichman 
Director, Center for French and Francophone Studies 

Greg Stone
Joseph S. Yenni Distinguished Professor
Chair, LSU Department of French Studies

Burnell Lemoine 
President, CODOFIL 

Voting Directors

William Arceneaux
Former President, CODOFIL

Angélique Bergeron
Director, West Baton Rouge Museum, PhD in French Studies

Anne Boussert
Former President, l'Assemblée Française, Société Louis Curet honoree

Shawn Braud 
French teacher, Central 

David Cheramie
Former CEO, Bayou Vermilion District; former Executive Director of CODOFIL

Kay Collier 
Retired French teacher 
Hilary Collis 
FLAIM parent; Fundraising Director at The Nature Conservancy in LA 
Bastien Crapain 
Assistant Professor, LSU Department of French Studies 

Lillie Petit Gallagher 
French Enthusiast, Former President of FFS; Société Louis Curet honoree 

Charly Genco 
Realtor and French Enthusiast 

Kirk Guidry 
Attorney and French Enthusiast 

Terri Hammatt 
French teacher for 20 years, DOE World Language Supervisor, Instructional Strategist at Wayside Publishers  

Florent “Pon” Hardy 
Former Director, Louisiana State Archives 

Amanda LaFleur 
Retired LSU Department of French Studies Professor 

Kay Martin 
French enthusiast and traveler 

Christine Renauld Merchant 
World Language Coordinator for East Baton Rouge Parish School System 

Olivier Moréteau 
Professor of Law at LSU; Société Louis Curet honoree 

Jane Perkins 
Owner of Enlightening Destinations; French Enthusiast 

Bryan Piazza 
Director of Freshwater and Marine Science for The Nature Conservancy in LA; FLAIM parent 

Mary Pollard 
French Enthusiast; Société Louis Curet honoree 

Julien Prévost 
French Teacher at the Episcopal School of Baton Rouge 

Allison Roark 
Ph.D. in French from LSU, French teacher at The Dunham School 

Adelaide Russo 
Phyllis Taylor Professor, LSU Department of French Studies 

Hugo Théfenne 
Owner, Tout Va Bien Boulangerie 

Michael Vincent 
Former FFS President; CODOFIL Board Member 

Michael Wolf 
Attorney and Francophile 

Director Emeritus

Seola Arnaud Edwards 
Originator & Facilitator of Ubaye Valley Summer Internship Program; Société Louis Curet honoree 

Honorary Board Members 

Jeanne and David James
Daughter and Son-in-Law of Louis Curet



  • 2022-2023   Sandra Hubbard
  • 2020-2021   Susan Rolfs
  • 2018-2019   Michael Vincent
  • 2016-2017   Adelaide Russo
  • 2015             Neil Ann Parks
  • 2009-2014   Robert Lafayette
  • 2007-2008   Catherine Coates
  • 2004-2006   Jacqueline Labat
  • 2001-2003   Lillie Petit Gallagher
  • 1998-2001   Louis Curet