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Welcome to the Classical Civilization Program

A new degree program in Classical Civilization is now offered as a concentration in the Liberal Arts B.A. Program. This concentration allows students to focus on Greek, or Latin, or Classical Studies. Students are required to take the first four semesters of either Greek or Latin and the Senior Seminar. Majors must complete 5 additional classes of which 3 must be at the 3000-level or above. In addition to courses in Classical languages or Classical Studies, students may fulfill degree requirements with approved courses in Art History, English/Linguistics, History, Philosophy, Political Science, and Religious Studies. 

A list of courses is provided in the following Concentration in Classical Civilization.


Minors are offered in Greek, Latin, or Classical Studies taught in translation. Students acquire an understanding and appreciation of ancient Greece and Rome which formed the foundation for European literature and culture. It is not surprising that a number of majors from other departments elect to earn one on these minors.

Rome Birthday

Dr. Michael Katchmer and Classics students celebrate Rome's birthday.

lucundum Natalem, Roma!

Happy birthday Rome!

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