Resource Center

The LGS Resource Center consists of a Core Repository/ Lab and a Well Log Library. Founded in 1982, the Core Lab originally operated under the auspices of the LSU Basin Research Institute until its merger with LGS in 1999. Located behind the old Graphic Services building on River Road, the LGS Core Repository houses core samples from six Gulf Coast states. Most of the cores were taken from the Smackover and Wilcox Formations in the early 1980’s, which were the focus of much research at the time. The Core Lab is equipped with climate controlled layout area, microscopes, and a small trim saw.

The LGS Well Log Library contains over 50,000 logs from almost every parish in the state. The core and log collections are included as part of the LSU Museum of Natural History as defined by the Louisiana Legislature, and is the only one of its kind in Louisiana. The LGS Resource Center is available for use by industry, academia, government agencies, and others who may be interested. Viewing and sampling of cores can be arranged by calling the LGS at 225-578-5320 or by email at Please arrange visits two weeks in advance. The Well Log data can be viewed here: Louisiana O/G Well Logs.

List of the available cores can be found below, grouped by state: