Interview Our Faculty

Our faculty are happy to talk with reporters about their areas of expertise. For assistance scheduling an interview, please contact or 225-578-1899.

Nichole BauerNichole Bauer

  • Women and politics


Tina HarrisTina M. Harris

  • Interracial dating/marriage
  • Racial healing and reconciliation
  • Being an advocate verse an ally
  • Race and religion/faith

Mike Henderson Michael Henderson

  • Polling and public opinion
  • Campaign and elections (especially Louisiana)

Jun HeoJun Heo

  • What triggers young millennials to purchases eco-friendly products? The interrelationships among knowledge, perceived consumer effectiveness and the environmental concern
  • Ad disclosure vs Ad recognition: How persuasion knowledge influences native advertising evaluation

  • Factors influencing intention to use location-based mobile advertising among young mobile user segments: A social exchange perspective

  • Mirror, Mirror, who is thinner? A direct effect moderation model of the model-viewer body gap

Bob MannRobert Mann

  • Political advertising
  • Political campaigns
  • Political speeches
  • US Congress history and procedure
  • Civil rights laws
  • Vietnam war
  • Wartime dissent

Ruth MariRuth Moon Mari

  • Media adaptation to work in authoritarian regimes
  • Journalists’ norms and routines

Will MariWilliam Mari

  • Media history
  • Media law
  • Media technology
  • Media and military relations

Hyojung ParkHyojung Park

  • Crisis communication
  • Corporate social responsibility
  • Health communications (public health


Lance PorterLance Porter

  • Social Media’s effects on society
  • Future of the media
  • Entertainment marketing

Fanny RamirezFanny Ramirez

  • Digital technologies and the criminal justice system
  • Social media are used in gang indictments, sexual assault and domestic violence cases

  • Privacy and surveillance

Katie SearlesKathleen Searles

  • Political Communication
  • Political Psychology
  • Public Opinion
  • News media (partisan news, television news and poll coverage)

  • Media Technology
  • Campaign advertisements

Judith SlyvesterJudith Sylvester

  • Journalist cover crisis: 9/11, Iraq War and Katrina/Rita Hurricanes
  • Deepwater Horizon: coastal restoration, deep water drilling, climate change
  • Newspaper (survival)
  • Mass media ethics and social responsibility