Picture of a forum space with students in the audience and two men sitting in arm chairs in the front of room speaking to one another

The Reilly Center for Media & Public Affairs, an integral part of the Manship School of Mass Communication, uses the intellectual muscle of the school’s faculty to help solve practical problems and advance good government initiatives. The Reilly Center’s mission is to generate thoughtful programs, dialogue and research about mass communication and its many faceted relationships with social, economic and political issues. Evident in everything the center does is its commitment to strengthen and advance the Manship School’s national leadership in media and politics.

The Center’s agenda is diverse and fluid – from the annual John Breaux Symposium, which brings in national experts to discuss a topic that has received little or no attention, to conducting the annual Louisiana Survey, a vital resource for policymakers, which tracks advancements and regressions of citizen attitudes about state services. It takes seriously its role, within the Flagship University, to respond quickly in times of crisis to help state governance, such as during Hurricanes Katrina and Rita and the BP oil spill. Its action-oriented and partnership-driven philosophy underscores the Reilly Center’s dedication to tackling ideas and issues that explore the relationship of media and the public in democratic society. 

The Reilly Center team, an adventurous group of former political professionals, scholars, non-profit leaders and good government folks, invite you to weigh in on our work. Like all good democracies, we welcome ideas and new partnerships.