Invest in OSI

Invent the Future. Invest in STEM.

Global competition in technological innovation demands that the US significantly increases its production of scientists and engineers from across all demographics of our population. Invent and invest with the LSU Office of Strategic Initiatives to engage bright, young students in science and engineering careers to secure the nation’s role in scientific discovery and production of innovative leaders.

Our Mission

OSI will develop and implement programs designed to increase diversity, foster opportunities for discovery, collaborate on improving the campus learning community the campus learning community for all students, and promote community engagement.

Funding Priorities

Funding for OSI Programs primarily supports students through scholarships and fellowships.  Our funding priorities include:

  • Developing leaders and research scholars through a proven comprehensive training model
  • Promoting diversity in STEM at all educational levels: K-12, undergraduate and graduate
  • Supporting student achievement through a scholarship fund for career STEM researchers
  • Facilitating a Vice Chancellor series for public engagement
  • Building infrastructure for educational diversity programs that increase capacity  

We appreciate your generosity and investment in the next generation of STEM leaders!




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