LSU Resources

Building a fundamental knowledge base about a specific instrument or characterization technique is the first step to becoming a user of the Shared Instrumentation Facility. Because there is an enormous amount of background information about how instruments work, key components they have for imaging and data collection, and how to process these forms of data once acquired - we have compiled a short list of tutorials and papers to help you build a firm knowledge base.


MyScope Instrument Tutorial - provides a good basis for understanding many of the instruments we have at the SIF

An Introduction to Electron Microscopy (created by FEI) - provides a firm overview and understanding about Electron Microscopy

A Guide to SEM Observation (created by JEOL) - provides an overview of SEM imaging and many factors that can influence imaging

EBSD tutorial (created by Oxford Instruments) - provides a full overview of EBSD and common applications/techniques

Interactive tutorial about Diffraction - an interactive guide to crystal structures by Th. Proffen at the University of Erlangen 


Both of our SEMs and our JEOL 2011TEM have an EDAX Energy Dispersive Spectrometer (EDS) 

EDAX EDS Spectrum Viewer - software for viewing acquired EDS spectrum

EDAX EBSD Bibliography - a searchable literature database for EBSD users

DTSA II - a multi-platform software package for quantitative microanalysis created by Nicholas Ritchie at NIST


In-situ TEM sample lift-out - A Fibics presentation of TEM sample preparation and in-situ lift-out


Gatan DigitalMicrograph software - an offline version of DigitalMicrograph by Gatan for viewing TEM images (free download)


Data Viewer - for viewing analytical results and instrument setup reports (please contact us for a free version)


Casa XPS - post-processing software for XPS & Auger analyses by Neal Fairley (site license for LSU, please contact us for information)

Additional Research Centers at LSU appear on the ORED website.