About the Office

The Office of Academic Affairs supports the Executive Vice President and Provost in ensuring university excellence in learning, discovery, engagement, and diversity. We work closely with the faculty senate and the president to advance LSU using a shared governance model. We also make communication and transparency a hallmark of the office. Lastly, the essence of our academic core--our faculty and staff--are preeminent in everything we do. In fulfilling our mission, the office: 

  • coordinates academic programs, planning and review;
  • facilitates talent recruitment, development and retention;
  • assists with prioritizing the use and renovation of academic space;
  • advances and coordinates institutional diversity efforts and;
  • determines the strategic direction and allocation of university resources.

COVID-19 Roadmap

LSU continues to follow all CDC and state safety guidance, and will do everything possible to protect the health of our students, faculty, and staff.

Please check the "COVID Roadmap" website for:

  • COVID-19 Testing & Reporting
  • COVID -19 Vaccines
  • COVID Isolation & Quarantine 19-Protocol
  • Answers to Frequently Asked Questions

COVID-19 Roadmap 

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Recent Updates

LSU Internationalization Lab
In partnership with the American Council on Education (ACE), LSU has begun a new global engagement strategy as part of ACE's Internationalization Lab. Through the lab process, the university will develop a comprehensive, strategic action plan.
Updated Wed., Nov. 10, 2021
Required Search Committee Trainings - Fall 2021
A reminder that all individuals serving on a faculty search committee must attend a faculty search committee training. In addition, faculty members serving as diversity advocates must also attend a diversity advocate training.  
Updated Fri., Oct. 29, 2021

Call for Nominations - 2022 University Faculty Awards

Each year, the university recognizes and rewards the outstanding work of its faculty. 
Updated Thurs., Oct. 28, 2021
Sabbatical Leave Requests and Senior Instructor Recommendations

Sabbatical leave requests should be submitted to Academic Affairs via Elements by the dean no later than Monday, November 1, 2021.
Updated Thurs., Oct. 21, 2021

Elements - Resources for Sabbatical Application
Faculty and administrators may find the sabbatical application guide, training video and training video transcript.
Updated Monday, Aug. 23, 2021.