Ag Alumni Speaker Series

Each semester, the Agriculture Student Association and Ag Alumni Association invite alumni of the College of Agriculture to speak with the student body. Our alumni share insight into their career path and how their professional foundation set at LSU helped them become a successful professional. Our alumni have a wide range of degrees and backgrounds, and some even take nontraditional paths into their career fields. No matter your interest, these alumni are sure to part you with wisdom to help you grow as a young professional.

Students, faculty, and alumni are encouraged to participate in the Ag Alumni Speaker Series by attending in-person or virtually. 

Previous Speakers

Dr. Julie White

Dr. Julie White's Ag Alumni Speaker Series was filmed on September 16, 2022, via Zoom.

Dr. White graduated from LSU in 2000 with a Bachelor of Science in Agricultural Education. She continued her education at Mississippi State University where she completed her Master's Agricultural & Extension Education in 2003 and received a PhD in Agricultural Science in 2022.


PJ Carleton 

PJ Carleton's Ag Alumni Speaker Series was filmed on Oct. 21, 2022 via Zoom.

Carleton serves as Senior Director of Events and Donor Relations for the Congressional Sportsman's Foundation. She graduated from LSU with a Bachelor's degree in Apparel Design.

Allison Dumas

Allison Dumas's Ag Alumni Speaker Series was filmed on Nov. 11, 2022 via Zoom.

Allison Dumas is a Baton Rouge native and third generation LSU College of Agriculture graduate. She has over fifteen years of experience in food safety and quality assurance both in the public and private sectors.

Tanner Jones

Tanner Jones's Ag Alumni Speaker Series was filmed on January 28, 2022, via Zoom.

Tanner Jones is an environmental scientist and GIS Specialist with five years of experience. In his role as an environmental scientist, he conducts fieldwork and GIS work associated with reporting. Jones is developing a GIS department within his company to meet its growing need. Jones earned his bachelor’s degree in natural resource ecology and management in 2016.

Carlos Giron

Carlos Giron's Ag Alumni Speaker Series was filmed on February 18, 2022, via Zoom.

Carlos Giron is a registered professional geoscientist for Louisiana. He is currently Vice President and Client Account Manager (CAM) for Jacobs Engineering, responsible for the Louisiana and Arkansas geographies. He has over 25 years of consulting experience in water infrastructure and coastal restoration work. Giron graduated with his bachelor's degree in environmental management systems in 1998.

Lindsey Schultz

Lindsey Schultz's Ag Alumni Speaker Series was filmed on March 25, 2022, via Zoom.

Lindsey Schultz is a native Texan with a lifelong love of fashion, design, and jewelry, especially diamonds. She is the founder and owner of Lindsey Leigh Jewelry, specializing in custom engagement rings and diamond and gemstone jewelry work. She has over ten years of experience working in the jewelry business. Schultz earned her bachelor's in fashion merchandising in 2013.

Michael Venker

Michael Venker's Ag Alumni Speaker Series was filmed on September 17, 2021, via Zoom.

Michael Venker has served as the president of Cargill Dressings, Sauces and Oils. Venker is also an LSU National Board member, serving as an advocate for LSU in the upper mid-west. He is a 1978 graduate in agricultural business from LSU.

Melissa Siebert

Melissa Siebert's Ag Alumni Speaker Series was filmed on October 15, 2021, via Zoom.

Dr. Melissa Siebert is an entomologist for Corteva Agriscience. Within her role, she is the global biology leader for insect nematode management and laureate. She graduated with her master's ('01) and doctoral degrees ('04) in entomology from LSU.

Teresa Thomas

Teresa Thomas' Ag Alumni Speaker Series was filmed on November 5, 2021, via Zoom.

Teresa Thomas is the founder of Crazy Plant Bae, a New Orleans-based gardening shop that sells house plants. Thomas's business has helped bring together her community, and she uses blogging to share her knowledge and enthusiasm about house plants. Thomas graduated from LSU in agricultural economics and international trade.


Parker Pennington

Parker Pennington's Ag Alumni Speaker Series was recorded on January 29, 2021, via Zoom.

Dr. Parker Pennington is a reproductive physiologist that has focused her research on non-domestic megafauna. Her research aims to adapt and implement assisted reproductive technologies to aid and improve endangered species populations.

Ken West

Ken West's Ag Alumni Speaker Series was filmed on February 26, 2021, via Zoom.

Ken West is the Vice President/Chief Operating Officer for the Regional Medical Center of San Jose-HCA. In his role, he provides administrative oversight to the medical center, as well as overseeing multi-campus staffing and productivity. West is an LSU graduate in nutritional sciences.

Deacue Fields

Deacue Fields' Ag Alumni Speaker Series was filmed on March 19, 2021, via Zoom.

Dr. Deacue Fields is the Dean and Senior Associate VP for the Dale Bumpers College of Agricultural, Food and Life Sciences at the University of Arkansas. He provides a vision for the College that helps to increase national and international prominence. He oversees efforts for student recruitment, innovative and relevant learning platforms, and career preparation for students. 

George Robinson

George Robinson's Ag Alumni Speaker Series was filmed on September 25, 2020, via Zoom.

Dr. George Robinson is the President and CEO of Heartland Veterinary Partners. Dr. Robinson's resume is incredible! It includes holding public office, being a current LSU Foundation Board member, and past President of Southern University’s Foundation Board of Directors. 

Anthony Ryan Auld

Anthony Ryan Auld's speaker series was recorded on October 23, 2020, via Zoom.

Anthony Ryan Auld is a 2010 graduate of the Textile, Apparel Design, and Merchandising program. Anthony Ryan has been recognized nationally for his award-winning designs in publications like Marie Claire, InStyle, USA Today, US Weekly, and OK Magazine. He was the 2015 Project Runway All Star's Winner. 

Noble Guedon

Noble Guedon's Ag Alumni Speaker Series was filmed on November 6, 2020, via Zoom.

Noble Guedon is Corporate Integrated Solutions Department Manager for Goldman Equipment, the largest John Deere distributor in Louisiana. Noble is a fifth-generation farmer and an innovative thinker. He specializes in data management services and incorporating technology and machinery. 


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