Tagging Wood Duck Ducklings

By Annabelle Lang

May 23, 2023

Katie Miranda, a natural resource ecology and management major, focused her research project on a remarkable endeavor: tracking populations of wood duck ducklings. This tagging process is driven by the goal of meticulously monitoring their recruitment journey.

Katie weighing a wood duckling

Katie Miranda weighing a wood duck duckling.

Engaging deeply with her research pursuits, Miranda has not only enriched her academic journey but also cultivated an impressive portfolio. Her commitment has paved the way for her participation in various conferences, where she confidently presents her research findings and establishes meaningful connections within her professional community.

Reflecting on her journey, Miranda emphasizes that the experience of conducting research has been nothing short of awe-inspiring. Encouraging others to embark on similar paths, she advocates for the transformative power of research engagement. Miranda's unexpected journey into undergraduate research has not only surprised her but has also revealed her true calling, reaffirming that she's found her purpose in this captivating pursuit.