Burden Museum & Gardens features three beautiful locations for your photography session: LSU AgCenter Botanic Gardens, LSU Rural Life Museum and Windrush Gardens. Each location may be booked separately or combined for use of the whole property. All photography and videography require a pass, and sessions must be booked in advance during normal working hours. 


The photography/videography guidelines outlined here include all bridal, family, engagement, senior, graduation and holiday photography sessions as well as those for children and similar events. Please read the guidelines fully before booking your session. 

  • Photography passes must be paid for and picked up at or before 4:30 p.m. on the day of your reservation. 
  • Passes must be worn in full view while shooting and disposed of once the session is complete. 
  • Special permission must be arranged in advance for photography sessions inside buildings. Additional charges may apply. All buildings, restrooms and changing rooms are closed by 4:30 each day and are not available after regular business hours. 
  • Private events on site have the exclusive right to their reserved area(s), in which case photographers must find alternative areas to occupy. Burden Museum & Gardens staff will do their best to inform you of potential conflicts; however, advance notice may not be given to photographers in certain instances. 
  • Cellphone photography is allowed without a photography pass only if you are taking pictures
    of a friend or family member without the use of camera attachments, photography gear,
    props, formal styling of hair/makeup/clothing or groups of three or more people.
  • Single-session passes cover one client/session for two hours. Extended shoots are subject to
    additional fees.
  • All visitors without an after-hours or annual pass must exit the property by 5 p.m. each day.
  • Park only in designated parking areas.

Please note: Burden Museum & Gardens reserves the right to refuse admittance for
photography/videography and/or change its photo policy without advance notice.
* Please inquire about bringing animals on site during photography sessions.

Photography Pass Options

Pass Type Cost Sessions/Clients Areas Time Limit

Single Session Pass

$80 Per session/client 1 area* 2-hour limit
$150 Per session/client 2 areas*

2-hour limit

$200 Per session/client 3 areas* 3-hour limit
Day Pass (8 a.m.-5 p.m.) $200 Unlimited clients/sessions 1 area* 1-day limit
Annual Pass Please email for more information

*LSU Rural Life Museum and Windrush Gardens sessions are subject to extra fees for after hours photography.


  • Remain on the pathways and grassy turf at all times.
  • Do not enter flowerbeds, plant displays, mulched areas or ravines.
  • Do not move or damage any item, exhibit, artifact or structure belonging to Burden Museum & Gardens.
  • Do not injure, disturb, damage or deface any plant, feature or animal.
  • Absolutely no glitter, confetti, rose petals or substances that cause debris
  • Do not block access to any entrance, exit, roadway, pathway or garden space.

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