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Main Office
B-31 Coates
8 a.m. – 4:30 p.m.

Shell Tutorial Center
141B LSU Library
Summer Hours:
M-F: 12 p.m. – 4 p.m.


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Photo of Melissa Brocato

Melissa Brocato

Assistant Vice President
Executive Director
Center for Academic Success
B-39B Coates Hall



Academic Engagement and Achievement

Photo of Alexandra Garcia

Alexandra Garcia, PhD

Assistant Director
B-32A Coates Hall

Photo of Rashad Davis

Rashad Davis

Assistant Director
B-12 Coates Hall


Photo of Nicole Walker

Nicole Walker

Sr. College Learning Consultant
B-39E Coates Hall

Photo of Susan Borne

Susan Borne

College Math Learning Specialist
B-9 Coates Hall

Photo of Kat Audiffred

Kat Audiffred

College Learning Consultant
B-33 Coates Hall

Photo of Nyles Walker

Nyles Walker

College Learning Consultant
B-39F Coates Hall

Photo of Rachel Taylor

Rachel Taylor

College Learning Consultant
B-18 Coates Hall

Photo of Dimitre Ramsay

Dimitre Ramsey

College Learning Consultant
B-7 Coates Hall

Photo of Kristin Reinhardt

Kristin Reinhardt

College Learning Consultant
B-39D Coates Hall

Photo of Elyse Arnold

Elyse Arnold

College Learning Consultant
B-1C Coates Hall

Photo of Shayla Tran

Shayla Tran

College Learning Consultant
B-32B Coates Hall

Image of Julie Garza coming soon

Julie Garza

College Learning Consultant
B-16 Coates Hall

Photo of Amelia Vidrine

Amelia Vidrine

College Learning Consultant
B-1B Coates Hall


Academic Support

Photo of Elizabeth Zhang

Elizabeth Zhang

Program Manager
141C LSU Library

Photo of Grace Heath

Grace Heath

Tutoring Coordinator 
141B LSU Library



Student Learning Experience

Photo of Debbie Layzell

Debbie Layzell

Program Manager
B-31 Coates Hall

Photo of Lisa Volentine

Lisa Volentine

Business Manager
B-28 Coates Hall

Photo of Maisie Hill

Maisie Hill

Communications Coordinator
B-15 Coates Hall




Emeritus Faculty
Photo of Saundra McGuire

Saundra McGuire, PhD
Director Emerita
B-31 Coates Hall