The Center for Energy Studies (CES) is mandated to provide energy information and analysis that responds to the needs of the legislature, public agencies, and business and civic groups. The Center maintains some unique energy data bases and is the official repository of energy information from the state and The Energy Council. Staff respond regularly to requests from a wide variety of individuals and institutions for specialized energy data and information.

CES comprises the following units:

Other units affiliated with CES:


Decarbonization Topic of ASSA Sessionassa logo

At this year’s meeting of the Allied Social Sciences Association (ASSA), Center for Energy Studies Associate Professor Greg Upton, and University of California-Davis Professor Mark Agerton organized, and served as moderators for, a panel discussion titled, “Decarbonizing the Global Economy: Balancing Economic Efficiency and Political Feasibility.” Panelists included Robert N. Stavins, Harvard University; Barry Rabe, University of Michigan; Adam Sieminski, King Abdullah Petroleum Studies & Research Center (KAPSARC); and Garret Graves, United States House of Representatives.



2022 Gulf Coast Energy Outlook Launched Nov. 17

The LSU Center for Energy Studies held its 2022 Gulf Coast Energy Outlook (GCEO)  kickoff via Zoom Webinar on Wednesday, Nov. 17, 2021.

The webinar was presented by 2022 GCEO authors David E. Dismukes, executive director and professor, and Gregory B. Upton, Jr., associate professor-research, LSU Center for Energy Studies.

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