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11/23/2022 -- The Ouachita Citizen
"Gains expected for Louisiana, Texas gas jobs"

11/23/2022 -- WKRG News 5
"2023 outlook for the oil and gas industry in Louisiana and Texas"

11/23/2022 -- BR Proud
"2023 outlook for the oil and gas industry in Louisiana and Texas"

11/23/2022 -- KTAL News
"Outlook for the oil and gas industry in Louisiana and Texas"

11/16/2022 -- S&P Global Commodity Insights Platts Megawatt Daily (subscription required)
"Gulf Coast loads surging with industry, likely supplied by changing fleet: LSU report"

11/21/2022 – WWL First News
“Gulf Coast Energy Outlook for 2023”

11/18/2022 -- KEEL 101.7FM & 710AM
"Is Oil & Gas Coming Back? Good News for Louisiana"

11/18/2022 -- Minden Press-Herald
"Report: Gains expected for Louisiana and Texas oil and gas jobs in the next few months"

11/17/2022 -- Bossier Press-Tribune
"Report: Gains expected for Louisiana and Texas oil and gas jobs in the next few months"

11/17/2022 – KPEL
“Louisiana Projected to Add 3,500 Oil and Gas Jobs Next Year”

11/17/2022 -- WWL First News with Tommy Tucker
"Gulf Coast Energy Outlook"

"How Much Tesla Car Insurance Costs — By Model"

11/16/2022 -- (Subscription required for story)
"Louisiana should gain 3,500 oil and gas jobs by 2023, new LSU study says"

11/16/2022 -- in Forney
"Louisiana should gain 3,500 oil and gas jobs by 2023, new LSU study says"

11/16/2022 -- Greater Baton Rouge Business Report
"LSU study projects state will add 3,500 oil and gas jobs by Q2 of next year"

11/16/2022 – The Advocate
“Louisiana should gain 3,500 oil and gas jobs by 2023, new LSU study says”

11/11/2022 – American Press online (subscription required)
“LNG plants helping north Louisiana”

11/7/2022 -- 10|12 Industry Report
"Will Louisiana industry take a leadership role in the energy transition?"

11/6/2022 -- The Advocate
"Drilling returns to north Louisiana as Ukraine war, tight supplies send natural gas prices soaring"

11/2/2022 -- WWL First News 
"Is President Biden playing politics with oil and gas?"

10/31/2022 -- S&P Global Commodity Insights Platts Megawatt Daily (subscription required)
"IRA impact on Gulf Coast power sector, energy complex to be big: LSU researcher"

10/31/2022 -- The Advocate
"Global LNG leaders gather in Louisiana with state’s energy exports in high demand"

10/21/2022 – Louisiana the State We’re In
“Carbon Capture, Mississippi River, State Amendments, Crossing Over: Divine Nine”

10/19/2022 – WWL First News
"Home heating costs going up this winter"

10/11/2022 -- Christian Science Monitor
"‘Pretty remarkable’: How Florida got power back for 2 million after Ian"

10/10/2022 -- WWL First News 
"What Does OPEC's Oil Cuts Mean For Oil and Gas Prices?"

10/10/2022 --WWL First News
"Louisiana car buyers, on average, want $5,350 if forced to go electric"

9/27/2022 -- WWL First News
"How Will Oil and Gas Be Impacted by Hurricanes?"

9/26/2022 -- E&E News EnergyWire
"Interior weighs economics of oil vs. climate in 5-year plan"

9/26/2022 -- S&P Global Commodity Insights Platts Megawatt Daily (subscription required)
"Entergy, Mitsubishi units agree to study offshore wind power in Gulf of Mexico"

9/22/2022 -- The Guardian
"How the gas industry capitalized on the Ukraine war to change Biden policy"

9/16/2022 -- WWL First News
"What's the Latest on the Future of Louisiana Gas and Oil?"

9/14/2022 -- Greater Baton Rouge Business Report
"Dawn of a new day"

9/7/2022 -- WWL Radio News
"Natural gas price spike is hitting electric consumers in the pocket"

8/23/2022 – E & E News
“Gulf oil industry embraces offshore wind — to a point”

8/15/2022 -- WWL First News
"How Will the Inflation Reduction Act Impact Oil and Gas?"

8/11/2022 – Louisiana Illuminator
“Inflation Reduction Act would push Louisiana to forefront of clean energy sector”

8/4/2022 -- MoneyGeek
"Expert Insights: What Cities Can Do to Protect Pedestrians"

8/2/2022 --WWL Newell Normand
"Utility costs and a grid boost needed before going to electric"

7/10/2022 -- The Advocate
“Officials in rural Louisiana grapple with 'going solar' as utilities, industry drive demand”

7/5/2022 – ENR Texas & Louisiana
“Renewable Projects Continue to Gain Foothold in Louisiana”

7/1/2022 -- WWL First News
"Will Gas Prices Continue To Rise?"

6/30/2022—On Par with the President
“Dr. Dismukes Discusses Gas Prices, Energy, and Louisiana’s Global Impact”

6/24/2022 – Streets MN
“Dark Stores and Geographic Gas Taxes”

6/24/2022 --WWL First News
"Federal Gas Tax Holiday Impact"

6/23/2022 -- WWL Radio News
"Expert: Relief at the pump is coming, but not soon"

6/18/2022 – Urban Milwaukee
“A Location Based Gas Tax?”

6/17/2022 – Greater Greater Washington 
“New bill would require Philly employers to offer transit benefits to workers”

6/17/2022--TBS eFM This Morning
"Recent issue of the Energy crisis: Why are electric prices set to rise?"

6/15/2022--WAFB TV
"Rising diesel prices, possible shortage could force consumers to spend more"

6/12/2022--WBRZ TV
"Gas prices reach historic high, topping an average of $4.50 a gallon in Baton Rouge"

6/10/2022--Greater Baton Rouge Business Report
"Rising natural gas prices raise concerns for Louisiana industry"

6/8/2022 -- WWL First News
"Why Are Gas Prices So High?"

6/7/2022 -- ABC 10 Sacramento
"When will gas prices go back down? Experts weigh in"

6/3/2022 -- WBRZ TV
"Gas prices expected to continue rising through the summer"

6/3/2022--The Advocate
"Of all of Louisiana’s LNG players, this company is poised to be the biggest"

5/24/2022 -- The Advocate
"Granholm tours oil reserve, touts Biden policies; Graves blames president for price spike"

5/24/2022 -- WWL First News
"Energy secretary visits wind turbine facility in Michoud"

5/16/2022 -- WWNO New Orleans Public Radio
"What is the 'social cost of carbon,' and why is AG Landry urging the Supreme Court to stop it?"

5/16/2022 -- WWL First News
"Soaring Gas Prices"

5/9/2022 – WBRZ TV
"Gas prices on the rise as the summer arrives"

5/9/2022 -- WWL First News
"How Is the Gas Industry Being Impacted in Louisiana?"

5/3/2022 -- Mornings with Brian Haldane
“Gas exports from Louisiana and Texas”

4/21/2022 – WWL First News
“Checking in Oil and Gas Prices”

4/19/2022 -- WWNO New Orleans Public Radio
"As climate report warns of fossil fuel industry growth, Louisiana has several projects on the way"

4/11/2022—WWL First News
“Oil and Gas Prices In Louisiana”

4/1/2022 -- WBRZ TV
"Dipping into oil reserves could be more about political gain than cutting gas prices"

3/30/2022 -- WWL First News
"How Have Oil Prices Been Doing?"

3/28/2022 -- The Louisiana Weekly
"How higher interest rates will affect Americans’ finances"

3/25/2022 -- The Advocate
"What to expect in Louisiana following Biden’s move to boost LNG exports"

3/25/2022 -- Inside Climate News
“With Biden in Europe Promising to Expedite U.S. LNG Exports, Environmentalists on the Gulf Coast Say, Not So Fast”

3/24/2022 -- BIC Magazine
"Gulf Coast energy investment, jobs forecast to reach new highs"

3/22/2022 -- 10/12 Industry Report
"Dismukes: Minimal job creation from high oil because companies won’t drill"

3/21/2022 -- Reveille
"LSU students feel financial pain of high nationwide gas prices: 'I try not to drive'"

3/19/2022—Louisiana Illuminator
“High fuel prices won’t bring jobs to Louisiana because oil companies won’t drill, expert says”

3/16/2022 -- WWL News
"Oil prices fall rapidly but prices at the pump remain stubborn"

3/11/2022 – WBRZ TV
“Up and down oil prices impacting your cost at the pump"

3/10/2022 – WWNO New Orleans Public Radio
“Why Louisiana oil producers can’t protect the state from rising gas prices”

3/10/2022 -- WBRZ TV
"As some states mull gas tax suspension, La. expert warns of mixed results"

3/9/2022 – The Balance 
“Banning Russian Oil Will Likely Mean Higher Gas Prices”

3/9/2022 – WBRZ TV
“State expected to see hundreds of millions more in revenue as oil prices skyrocket”

3/8/2022 -- KTBS
"Biden is banning Russian oil. What does that mean for Louisiana industry?" 

3/8/2022 -- The Advocate
"Biden is banning Russian oil. What does that mean for Louisiana industry?"

3/8/2022 – WWL First News
“What's Stopping Oil from Russia Mean for the U.S.?”

3/8/2022 – Greater Baton Rouge Business Report
“Biden to ban Russian oil imports over Ukraine invasion”

3/7/2022 – MoneyGeek
“How to Choose an EV to Fit Your Driving Needs”

3/7/2022 – Louisiana Radio Network
“Consumers brace for potential record-setting gas prices coming this week”

3/3/2022 – Tiger TV
“Louisiana sees highest gas prices since 2014 due to Ukraine conflict”

3/3/2022 -- WBRZ TV
"Ukraine crisis not entirely to blame for steeper fuel prices"

3/1/2022 -- Accuracy in Media
"Donations from Vox, Biden to Russian oil made high gas prices and war in Ukraine possible" 

2/24/2022 – Louisiana Radio Network
“Analyst: Russian invasion could aggravate inflation”

2/24/2022 – The Advocate
“A Louisiana LNG surge amid Russia-Ukraine fight? Only under these conditions, experts say”

2/23/2022—Voice of America
“War in Ukraine Expected to Trigger Higher Fuel Prices”

2/17/2022—RTVI (Russian TV)
Energy Price Discussion (Starting at 37:21 min.)

2/15/2022—10/12 Industry Report
“After perfect storm of disruption, state’s industrial sector faces uncertain times”

2/8/2022 – Greater Baton Rouge Business Report
“After perfect storm of disruption, state’s industrial sector faces uncertain 2022”

1/28/2022--Greater Baton Rouge Business Report
"Louisiana industry blasts court decision halting Gulf oil leases"

1/19/2022—Greater Baton Rouge Business Report 
“Oil markets face volatile year with demand on the rise”

1/17/2022--WWL First News
"Will Louisiana Have Net Zero Emissions By 2050?"

1/6/2022—The Advocate
“Six things we learned at The Advocate’s Baton Rouge Economic Outlook Summit 2022”



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